Things To Avoid While Posting On Facebook

In the previous article, we tried to understand the Facebook Algorithm. Here we will see things we should avoid while posting on Facebook.

Something that you should definitely avoid is posting just the links straight from a news or social media site. ALWAYS add your own thoughts. Dont be lazy. Write your own thoughts. Your friends on Facebook will appreciate it.

You need to understand this. Every person on facebook would be following some sort of social media or news sites. So their news feed is already full of news from other sites. They don’t expect to see news links from their friends.

If you still want to post something about latest happening or about some latest news, make sure you also add your own thoughts with it.

It is a guarantee that your own thoughts on something latest will get you much more likes than just a link.

Even if you post a video without adding your own personal thoughts on it, you are losing some audience and engagement. For instance, If you post a funny picture of yourself it will get likes but if you add up a funny text or some personal thoughts then it will attract even more likes and comments.

It’s all about understanding the psychology of people. If you can understand that, you will be social media pro. Same thing applies to Sales/Marketing too. To sell a product, you need to understand your target audience or the overall psychology of people.

Another thing to avoid is posting too much. People will get irritated with so much of your posts and may eventually unfollow you or hide your posts.

Further, there are certain kind of posts that always do well. Read more in the next article.