Coochiemudlo Island

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Want to have free time out in the company of your family? Like to spend hours enjoying the lightness of heart mind and soul in the company that you have always lived to cherish? A detailed guide on Coochiemudlo Island will provide you with an in-depth insight on Coochiemudlo Island. The guide offers detailed information on Coochiemudlo Island that is more sophisticated than you could ever come across.


Small Island Where Nature is Resplendent 

Island in Coochiemudlo Queensland is known for its abounding natural resources, adventure thrills, and great beach activities that create awesome value and reason to feel light and mesmerized.  More often and lovingly called Coochie, this petite island (mere 5 Square Kilometers in length and Breadth) welcomes you with a subtropical climate and quite a bushy landscape. 

Planning a picnic to Coochiemudlo Queensland doesn’t mean you have to bring your family packed in a car or truck and whirling smoke everywhere for no reason at all. Coochiemudlo Island is easily accessible as you book your trip on passenger ferry or vehicle ferry straight from the Victoria Point. 

Coochiemudlo Island is primarily a peaceful and clean residential island abundant with ecologically significant areas with a balanced biosphere.  The wildlife out here in a small piece of land is extraordinary, and you may not come across most of these species anywhere else in Australia. 

Coochiemudlo’s quiet and serene atmosphere and spectacular views have enthused the fraternity of the artists to draw and give shape to their wildest imagination.  Finding a whole range of arts and crafts out here on the rustic Coochie Markets is easy. These arts and crafts are on display on weekends and even on regular days. 


Coochiemudlo Island: The Place with Abound Micro Destinations

Coochiemudlo Island isn’t a huge landmass where you could find plenty of things happening at the same time. However, the diversity that you are going to find on this island is unique, special, and changes your mood forever.  Coochiemudlo Island lies in the vicinity of the mainland and well sheltered with shallow white sandy beaches offering a sun-basking retreat for adults. 

Since the water is shallow in this region, kids have all the fun and excitement as they are in nature’s own lap and cuddled with supple water tides off and on. 

Overindulging yourself in aquatic activities like Kayaking, Canoeing, Tinnie, or Aqua Biking is not going to come as a surprise to you. Melaleuca Wetlands are an amazing sight for the coastal and sub coastal marshlands and come with nature’s abundance and exotically floristic diversification.


Coochiemudlo Island is also the paradise for the expert and amateur golfers. The clean and breezy environment on the island breeds golfing extravaganza.  The dense Isle of Coochie Golf Course is where you are going to interact with a unique nine-hole playing course. Golfing among the Island events raises the level of enjoyment.  Matthew Flinders Day is an amazingly eventful bash organized in July and gives visitors a solemn retreat.

On Matthew Flinders Day, the visitors visiting Coochiemudlo Island have free treated to live music performances, amazingly superb entertainment, sailing, canoe race, and there is always fun for the kids. 


Landscape and the Scenic Position   

The island at Coochiemudlo has a diversified and ostensibly beautiful landscape and this adds the extravaganza to it. Rugged and meandering terrains give bikers enough of space to trudge in adventurous activities. Besides, the thick cover of tropical vegetation at Coochiemudlo Island further adds value and excessive beauty to this place. 

When at Coochiemudlo Island, accommodation is something that you don’t like to think over. Whether it is the cottages, or the regular home sheds, or resorts or big and small cottages, depending on your budget and other factors you could always accommodate comfortably. 

The style of housing on Coochiemudlo Island has the traditional 1950s fibro beach shacks, fashionable lightweight beach houses, repositioned Queenslander houses, and straight and old type of suburban brick and tile homes. You have plenty of options to get through, and each time you make the choice, just think about what would really add to your living. 

Definitely, when it comes to the campers and those who think of isolation and self-life while absorbed in camps, Coochiemudlo Island is not for them. To know more about the landscape and the accommodation, you can always look out for the Redlands Coast Visitor Information Centre, because it is the place for you to know about Coochiemudlo Island first hand. 


Truly Sailor’s Heaven

Coochie is the last resort for sailors, and they like thronging on to this place. Since the island is covered with white sandy beaches from three sides, sailors find themselves living in the midst of new worlds. Sailing activities largely cover the off the beach catamarans, snazzy and stylish sailboards, motor-operated sail yachts, and even dinghies.

A nearby jetty and boat ramp provides the right place for water anchorage and the moorings, having the strategic location on the South of the Island.  You have the tennis courts to play around with all your energy and hitting one smash after another. Croquet Green, a superb recreation hall ideally fit for taking on the playing activities such as indoor bowls, art shows, besides the special events. 

And for the locals, fishing is the regular past time and people love doing it. Common fish species to hunt out are Flounder, Cod, Tailor, Flathead, Whiting, and the Bream.

The single community hall located in the island gives visitors the splurging views of Moreton Bay apart from mainland Australia. The hall is also the centre for community functions and several other activities. 


Feel the Shopping Spree at Coochiemudlo

Markets galore at Coochiemudlo, and it out rightly means there is going to be much more of everything than mere buying. Artificial danglers or petite artifacts, or maybe you have the interest to buy the articles of general utility, the shops around the marketplace is flooded with plenty of never-ending options. 

The café at Coochiemudlo is surprisingly more of excitement and an idyllic place to chit chat and feel the place you are. The most popular shopping zones that you would like to move around with your family are Town Centre, Victoria Point and the Shopping Centre at Victoria Point, and both these zones overlap the Cleveland-Redland Bay Road. 

Coochiemudlo, an island though, it is better addressed as a town with a celestial creation and where Mother Nature expresses herself in different moods at all times. 


Finest Education Marked with Great Schools

Coochiemudlo Island is the home to best schools and Victoria Point State High School and Victoria Point State School are not just the best but belong to the class of their own. Besides, the St Rita’s Catholic Primary School and Faith Lutheran College too provides quality education to children of the families stationed around here. 

 Carmel College, which is the Christian Catholic high school, has a fair share of students and located down the road on the way to the Thorn lands.



Coochiemudlo Island is the world of fascinations, excitements, and bonanza and all of which continue to happen without a stop. Visitors will find themselves living in a relaxing world away from the city’s hardships and over excessive rush. 

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