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How does it feel to loose your own home? That is how wildlife feels when they loose their own habitat and that is why “Adopt a koala” campaign was launched to support the koala, the lovely Aussie icon. In this article, you will read all you need to know about adopting a koala.

Fires are Killing Koalas & they need urgent support

More than 12 million hectares of Australian land has been burnt during the great 2019 bushfire, one of the biggest Australia has ever seen and Australia has seen a lot.

Australia is home to a diverse and rare animal species. However and unfortunately, we are also home to some of the worst storms, floods and bushfires.

The bushfires burns in our forests every season each year and end up burning a lot of forrest area. This is where Koalas live. Hence, adopt a Koala campaign is built to save these animals from suffering.

When habitat is lost, our wildlife suffers. It’s estimated over 1.25 billion animals may have been killed directly or indirectly from the fires so far, including thousands of koalas, kangaroos, wallabies, birds and other iconic wildlife. Your support is urgently needed to care for injured wildlife and restore their homes.  

Can Koalas become Extinct?

It is predicted that koalas can go extinct by 2050 in NSW and Qld if we do not take an action right now. Adopt a Koala means you provide your support to efforts towards saving the koalas.

Adopt a Koala to support bushfire recovery work

At this stage, a lot of help is required to support the work done towards bushfire recovery and in general protecting the koala habitat. Your help is needed to support these efforts.


When you adopt a koala, you actually support a lot of recovery and support activities such as:

• Wildlife response – including partnering with wildlife response organisations, communities and scientist nationally for a swift and effective response and recovery at scale.
• Habitat restoration for people and nature – including restoring forests and damaged wildlife habitat, stopping deforestation, including cultivating habitat connectivity, core habitat and Indigenous and rural fire management.
• Future-proofing Australia – including driving innovative solutions to help mitigate climate change, driving climate preparedness, species adaptation and long-term wildlife and nature conservation efforts towards securing Australia’s natural resources for people and nature.

How to Adopt a Koala?

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There are a variety of not for profit orgsanisations working towards savign koala and where you can adopt a koala. Have a look at each of them and their agenda. End of the day, they are all doing a great job.

WWF Australia

If you are ready to contribute to this noble cause and would like to contribute towards saving koalas then you can donate some amount or adopt a koala for just $15 a month.

Go to WWF adopt a koala Australia website and choose the option that suits you. 

Australian Koala Foundation (AKF)

Another great organisation working towards protecting koala and their habitat is Australian Koala Foundation (AKF). AKF is the principal non-profit, non-government organisation dedicated to the conservation and effective management of the wild koala and its habitat.

AKF is self funded which means they do not take any money from government. This gives the AKF an incredibly free voice for the Koala and for the protection of its habitat.

The AKF was formed in 1986 with just a few koala supporters but today it has grown to a global organisation. AKF is knows for a strong track record in strategic koala research, conservation and community education with a main focus on mapping.

Koala maps are made based on koala sightings by people. They register their sightings on AKF site along with their own research combine helps make a koala map.  Koala Map is now provided to the public free of charge.

With just $30 you can adopt a koala at AKFOn their website, you can see the pictures of koalas and know more about them before adopting.

When you adopt a Koala, you receive a nice looking personalised adoption certificate with a photo of your adopted Koala, a welcome letter from AKF, Koala stickers, and more. You can of course go there and see your adopted koala if they are available. It is best to contact them for more info. before your trip there.

Please note: Koalas are not pets. This is a symbolic Koala adoption, or a ‘foster’ program.

Koala Hospital

Another organisation working towards saving koalas is Koala Hospital. You also have the option to adopt a koala at Koala Hospital to help them with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured koalas and release back to their home range where possible.

They also work towards conservation and expansion of habitat, collection of information for research relating to habitat, disease, nutrition and habits of wild koalas. This are all vital for Koala conservation. Your adoption also helps to provide educational material to increase public awareness of all aspects of the koala.

The cost for an adoptions within Australia is only $60 per year. Adopt a Koala now at Koala Hospital website.

Similar to others, after adoption you get:

  • Printed Adoption Certificate
  • A story about your adopted koala
  • Booklet about Koalas
  • A Koala Hospital bookmark.
  • A copy of the latest Gum Tips publication.

Friends of Koala inc.

As a volunteer organisation, Friends of the Koala relies entirely on the goodwill of people like you to help fund our work. You can choose their organisation to save koalas and to contribute towards this region.

Your adoption helps with the rescue and treatment of sick and injured Koalas and releasing them back to the wild where possible. By adopting a koala, you are also contributing to habitat restoration in the Northern Rivers region and research into the prevalence of disease in koala populations.

They have various Koala adoption packages from basic to premium that goes from $50 to $250 per year.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary 

You can adopt a koala here at $99 a year to maintain and save this vulnerable Australian native animal. You will receive a small koala plush, printed symbolic certificate, printed fact sheet and quarterly updates about Koalas.

Your adoption donation goes to supporting the ongoing conservation of Australian native wildlife and is tax deductible.

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