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Found a great painter who made your walls beautiful or a mechanic who fixed your impossible car? Share your experience with others by writing a review in Mediatimes Business Directory.

A review is one person’s first-hand experience with a business. A comment is a response to a review.

Online reviews are increasingly being relied upon by consumers as a low cost means of making more informed purchasing decisions.


Review a business 

Go to a business profile page or search for a business, once you reach their profile click on ‘Add Reviews’ and write your review. You must log in before you comment or review a business.

Things you need to Know

Your reviews should reflect your personal experience and must be honest with an objective to share your true experience. MediaTimes try to keep a check on the reviews and any offensive, defamatory or derogatory reviews or comments will be removed.

Please read our Review Guidelines before you write a review. MediaTimes publishes both positive and negative reviews provided they abide by these guidelines.

Our rating system
You can share your experience by rating a business from half a start to five stars. Half star means you had a poor experience and five stars of course means you had an excellent experience.

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