Snow in Queensland

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Winter is coming. Can we expect a snow in Qld this time? As a Queenslander, we’re not surprised that you want to know all about snow in Queensland. You are not alone. There are many who are searching online to know when and whereabouts of snow in Queensland. Here is your complete guide. 

Snow in Brisbane or anywhere in Qld is rare. The Tropic of Capricorn passes through Townsville (or near) which means that the northern half of Queensland is in the tropics. You don’t often get snow in the sub-tropical zone.

But that doesn’t mean we have to wait forever to see it. It has happened in the past and can happen again. Last it happened in July 2015 when a cold front brought icy winds from the Antarctic, causing lower than average temperatures in Queensland and further south. The snow was recorded in the Granite Belt and Darling Downs area, with up to eight centimetres in Eukey and Stanthorpe. Scan through this video showing a drive through the snowy region in Qld. 

There were many Brisbane residents who made a trip to Darling Downs to see the snow and why not it is such a rare event to see snow in Qld.

Where to Find Snow in Qld?

Your best bet is the Great Dividing Range known as the Granite Belt it does occasionally get cold enough to snow. If you are lucky, and if you get the news straight after snow fall then you should have enough time to make the trip to see the snow.

snow in Qld Brisbane

This is the area near the border with NSW, with towns such as Warwick and particularly Stanthorpe (220km south-west of Brisbane.) and Applethorpe. it has snowed multiple times in the past there though it is not persistent.

In June 2019, a wind chill caused the apparent temperature at Toowoomba to plummet to -5 degrees at 6.00am, and -4.4 in Applethorpe at 6:30am.

Stanthorpe love this special and rare event so much that they even host a 3-day winter festival in July. If the weather doesn’t play along, they use artificial snow but snow will happen regardless!

Stanthorpe, Warwick, Dalby and Chinchilla are also expected to have below freezing temperature and snow.

Qld is a sunshine state and it is mostly sunny all year around. Even in the winters, we mostly have good sunshine in day time. Our Christmas is celebrated with sand instead of snow. We make sand man instead of snow man. However, we are ready with our snow gears waiting for the next one to happen hopefully soon.

If you missed the heavy snowfall in the past, checkout this flashback video by Channel 7 news showing Stanthorpe snow in 1984.

In June 2019, Snow fell in far southern Queensland on Tuesday morning as the apparent temperatures plummeted to below -4 degrees. The Bureau of Meteorology said the low temperatures caused sleet to turn into snowflakes in mid-air, but it was quickly melting on the ground, meaning no white blanket. A local record this video.


“We didn’t expect it to be a big dumping like 2015, but it’s always nice to see some flakes,” a local said.

This kind of snowfall can mostly be seen only by locals because by the time you will make a trip to the snow fall location, it may be gone. Only if a heavy snowfall happens leading to thick layer of snow on ground is when residents from nearby areas can get enough time to make a trip and see this rare event.

Where it has snowed around Brisbane

This website shows the Table of Snowfall Events in South-East Queensland 1878-2015. This is great data for snow lovers. This record includes reports of settling and non-settling snowfalls and sleet in South East Queensland. These falls predominantly occurred in the Granite Belt and Southern Downs districts.

1984 – up to a metre of snow fell in the Granite Belt region, most notably around Stanthorpe, and was the most significant snowfall in Queensland in over 80 years. Snow was also recorded to have settled even closer to Brisbane at Mount Tamborine and also Mount Glorious, while snowflakes were even spotted in Brisbane itself!

2007 – a significant snowfall was recorded in the Granite Belt region, with up to five centimetres reached in certain areas. This was the biggest snowfall since 1984.

The Bureau of Meteorology said snow was rare in Queensland, but does happen from time to time near the border, with the last significant snowfall in 2015.

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