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Theme parks have always smitten the imagination of individuals. Ever since these were introduced by Walt Disney, the whole idea of creating theme parks has undergone enormous changes. The theme parks of today are wonder worlds; microcosms that have everything for everyone. These parks are handsome and holistically different than the amusement parks.

Theme parks of Australia are a way ahead to entertainment revolutions, and truly speaking, Aussie World is a classic example that follows the league. This theme park has enormous attractions, out of the world features, full packed entertainment for kids and the family. The theme park isn’t the park you may often come across in your routine lives.

It is a complete entertainment district comprising, pubs, the shed, besides the Aussie World Retail Village. Aussie World is outstandingly fantastical, a whole new world made out of the real world, but this world enamors our thoughts in several ways.


Aussie World Adds Innovation to the Concept of Theme Parks

Attractions and adventures are always gifted in theme parks, but how these are presented to the guests, matters a lot. Aussie World is one-of-a-kind in a true sense of its own. It could be an idyllic dream vacation for you and your family. Being at the Aussie World doesn’t always mean you are going to spend more than what your pocket is going to allow.


Contact Info: Downunder Drive, 73 Frizzo Road, Bruce Highway Palmview, Queensland, 4553 AUS, 07 5494 5444, Visit Website


Special Highlights at Aussie World

The theme park has unlimited of everything, and that is preternatural. Being at Aussie World means that you are not going to miss anything. Whether it is your idea to host your birthday party, or arrange your wedding ceremony, or settle a corporate meeting on weekends, or general functions, Aussie World offers you the place and the pleasure that would be memorabilia for your entire life.

With options for exciting rides, Aussie World on the Sunshine Coast comes off as a pleasant outing for the whole family. On the off chance that you’re searching for amazing thrills and chills, this theme park is the best bet you can go for. Some rides will get you splashed, make you green and dazed, there are simulated slides, knocks besides the coasters. The theme park offers fun for every age.


Things You Can Indulge In  

Aussie World brings you awesome souvenirs and a bit of surprizes for all ages and genders. And that is just not any hyperbolic statement. The management at Aussie World is always striving to keep up to the culture and concept of an ideal theme park. Snacks, ice creams, and a lot of adventure is seen happening every hour.


Prominent Attractions at Aussie World

Aussie Kids & Roving Entertainment

Are you becoming interested to meet Aussie World kids? You have Jake and Tilly waiting during your school holidays right here on the weekends. Catch them young, and get yourself involved in the astonishing roving entertainment. You will find yourself in a whole new world of entertainment that would spoil your kids to the maximum.


Professor Bogglesworth’s Illusionarium

Want to get overwhelmed while exploring multiple universes? Professor Bogglesworth and his amazing Illusionarium is all there to get you going. This is the place that offers you unparalleled possibilities and mind-boggling mysteries. It will be an adventure through space and time that would be enjoyed by you and your kids.


Mayhem Maze

Mayhem Maze is a daring act that demands the dare wills and those who have iron hearts. You may be the one with a sinister mission to hunt down a clown who is behind the vanishing of people at the 1950s carnival. To make it the best attraction, there are several horror themes added to the Mayhem Maze, which gives it a daunting outlook.


Leak’n Logs

This is a cool water play zone richly supplied with showers, wavy water jets, and a terrific waterfall system. The area is a look-alike of Queensland Electrical Storm packed with thunder, lightning, high-speed winds, and torrential rains. Leak’n Logs is good for adults and children, though, children need to be kept under supervision.


Platypus Ponds Mini Golf

It is a mini-golf course but with plenty of golfing adventure happening around. You are here with your kids and the entire family to discover twists and turns, and the creatures. And just in case you have a superb score, you may become the lucky one to get branded as the Hero Board. You know what- that’s where all the champions ultimately meet!


Sideshow Alley

Aussie World’s Side Show Alley is for each one of you, and there is also a handsome prize stored in for everyone. The excitement never stops here. And besides, you have the great opportunity to meet Lucky Ducks, Hoops, Giggling Clowns, and of course, there is absolutely no limit to the challenges.

Crazy Mirrors

Are you yearning to have the craziest, wackiest, and the waviest fun in your life? You have arrived at the right place. One moment you will find yourself as short as a dwarf, and the next moment you become as tall as an Eiffel Tower. You may appear as a fatty soul and then you turn yourself into an entirely thin and lean structure. Crazy Mirrors do all of the tricks while you have fun.

Phileas’s Fun Worx

Phileas’s Fun Worx is an astoundingly themed site presenting a prodigious assortment of the newest arcade, redemption, and video games. The place offers you games on every level and prizes to win over. The games can be played in family groups too. Anyone and everyone can be the winner and that’s the happiest jiffies altogether.


Quick Cover-Up Here!

Theming is something that puts Aussie World into an entirely different category of theme parks that are operational all over. The park is not only mere labeling of different regions, but there is fun, excitement, and roller coaster enthusiasm. Aussie World is the themed land where several types of mini-worlds coexist, and that’s where drama is created.

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