Dog Parks in Brisbane

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Often it is quite touchy to leave your darling and most obedient living thing alone at home, while you plan a great family outing. Dogs are the most obedient canines, and they are also amazing friends besides being trustworthy partners for all seasons. Dog lovers feel the pain on occasions where they come to know that their pet is going to living by itself for a few hours or a few days. 

Most of the caravan parks and other areas do not allow entry of pets, including dogs. And on the contrary, there are certain off-leash areas around or the dog parks that allow dogs to enter the premises, where these awesome creatures enjoy the fun in a natural atmosphere in the company of their owners. 

Australia is not only an awesome country, but it has respect for the dogs too. Dog parks in Brisbane are the true testimony of this respect. Here is the list of few popular dog parks in Brisbane where you are going to like to be in the company of your adorable canine: 

Colmslie Recreation Reserve 

The recreation reserve is created and designed and developed with the idea to give the most awesome retreat to your loving canine. And the best thing about traveling here is that you do not need to get your poodle upon his paws for miles. Colmslie Recreation Reserve is clean, green, and overwhelming. It comes with awesome amenities, all of which are a great plush for your canine.

This off leash park is having a strategic location, placed off the Lytton Road off the Col Gardner Drive, giving a lot of freedom and space for dogs of all sizes and breeds to enjoy their way of life. The park is provided with agility equipment too.  

Brisbane River is another natural advantage that makes this dog park the first priority of pooches. When the heat is enormously high or even otherwise, the pooches can relax, with their paws dipped in the bank of the river. Colmslie Recreation Reserve comes with children’s playground, barbecues, picnic shelters, and a lot more. 

Contact info:+61 133263,  Col Gardner Dr, Morningside QLD 4170, Australia 


Downfall Creek

Call it a true paradise for your dog, because it deserves to be called in that way. This amazing off-leash area is Brisbane’s most popular and the largest with the verdant landscape, outlandish junket sheltering, and without any fencing. Your pretty poodle or Alsatian has a lot of tricks to show off that you may have missed out at your home. 

The strategic location of Downfall Creek makes this dog park a gift of nature in real sense. The park is bordered with creek and a small industrial space and therefore, you can expect cool and serene surroundings, which will be welcomed by your canine. 

The off-leash area tends to be clean, and this is because there are plenty of dog bins and water taps, supplied with clean water all the time. Downfall Creek will turn out to be an immensely fascinated space for your dog. This place is going to remain in its instinct. 

Address59 Brickyard Rd, Geebung QLD 4034, Australia

Green Hill Reservoir

Green Hill is an unfenced off-leash area that offers a clear view of Brisbane city and the adjoining districts. One huge and old fortress with an enormous reservoir works as the fence for the reserve. The dog has sufficient space to stroll, run, and do what they are always best at doing. 

And for you, it is going to be a great adventure to climb up the stairs atop the reservoir, catching a striking view of the area. Besides being a welcoming off-leash potboiler, the Green Hill Reservoir is a fascinating place to indulge yourself into the bushwalking and shortest trail to Mt. Coot-tha

Address278 Russell Terrace, Chapel Hill QLD 4069, Australia


Schuster Park


Schuster Park is classified among the top areas when it comes to the dog park in Brisbane. And this classification is certainly not without any reason too. The landscape of this off-leash area is gifted with an amazing sandy beach along with greenfield areas. The dog park in Brisbane will bring out a complete entertainment session for your dog and the family. 

The dog park is perfect for hosting a family picnic, BBQ, and of course, there is a playground for your dog, which he is going to love it. Since there is plenty of open space around plucked with trees, the canine would flex the muscles and play, besides indulging himself in a lot of sniffing exercises. There are also several nooks and crannies to discover in the luxuriant climes of the park. 

Schuster Park is supplied with dog bins and disposable bags right at the entry point. You won’t get them anywhere inside the park. Drinking water and petite Rotunda shelter are situated quite close to Elanora. 

Contact Info:  506 Schusters Road, Tallebudgera QLD 4228, Australia, Visit the website

Kedron Brook Floodway

In case you were hunting for some special and carefree kind of off-leash areas in Brisbane, then Kedron Brook Floodway is indeed one of them to come by. The dog park is quite widespread, unfenced with well-demarcated green tracks, with canine bags as well as clean water tap/bowls on short distances. 

Kedron Brook Floodway is an equal fun and adventure for humans, as they could enjoy arranging a small junket party and BBQ stuff. The dog park is going to give you a deserted look during the weekdays, but weekends are the times when dog owners come out for a nice socialising activity along with their gorgeous poodle. There is also a dog-friendly café in the vicinity of the park, and you don’t need to be told, what is it meant for. 

Addresss: Wavell Heights QLD 4012, Australia



Recent developments of dog park in Brisbane is the result of innovation and a classic example of a society where there is care for the canines. The park is packed with a wide range of amenities and a complete pet playground supplied with agility equipment and several articles of utility. These off-leash areas in Brisbane are appropriate places that will give your canine the kind of treatment that it deserved in life. 

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