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Looking for an awesome park for your Kids with facilities such as the bike, scooter and skareboard riding? If yes, then Melrose Park in Wooloowin is the place for you.  The place is great for adventure seeking kids and of course there is plenty of grass area to chill.

In this complete guide, you will find out all you need to know about Melrose Park. 

Thank God that Brisbane has some of the best parks in the country and having good parks in your city means that your kids are going to remain happy. And happy kids means happy parents isn’t it? All the parent must be like, don’t ask!

Melrose Park is a family friendly park that is worth visiting thanks to its mosaic tiled features, mini sculpture walk, tall eucalypt trees and decent variety of all ages playground equipments.

melrose park qld
sculptures in the park

There are creative stuff all around the park like the sculpture above and various mosaics. Kids love tiles arts and like spotting the dinosaurs, fish and stars as they explore around the areas of park. Set aside a few hours to enjoy this green corner of Brisbane’s suburbia.

The playground has variety of play equipments such as for youngsters there’s a four way see saw, swings, rocking animals, central fort with slides, climbing walls, a mini curved flying fox and bridges as well as a mini mock-up roadway with Give Way and Stop Signs and path circumnavigating the play area for L-plated trike and bike riders.

One good safety features is that you do not have to worry about kids straying onto the road, as the play zone is well fenced. However, it is recommended to keep an eye on your young ones at all times for their safety.

A mix of shade sails and trees provides shade plus you have your picnic shelters there and a couple of gas barbecues and, a little way out from the playground, a little amenities block.

Adventure & FUN!

melrose park brisbane

One of the main attraction of Melrose Park is the skating spot and kids love this place. This park is suitable for kids of all ages, as well as young adults.  It has good paths for riding bikes and scooters. It also offers a range of activities for children, like swings, a balance beam, monkey bars, a flying fox, a fireman’s pole, a chunky abacus and a slide.  The mini traffic track is perfect for young bike and scooter riders.

Feel Like Playing SPORTS?

Melrose Park also offers a basketball court, skate ramp, cricket nets, and fitness equipment. You can’t ask for more. If this park is near your place, then you are in luck because you do not have to travel far with your kids to enjoy these sporting activities.

So that means older children can have their own activities with flying fox, a ‘swing and spin’ tornado, mini skateboard park for beginners, half basketball court and cricket pitch.

There is a big open ground that means you can use it for football or cricket or just running around chasing your mates.

When you are young and have mates with you, it is an opportunity to come up with myriad of ideas. Be creative to go bonkers with your favourite sport. It’s all yours, an open field of play.

Those who are looking for bike and scooter riding, this place won’t disappoint you. You can either practice riding skills here or hone your skills in skate bowl. It’s all here for you and time will fly when you are here in Melrose Park. Wooloowin residents and people living nearby are in luck if this awesome park is just a short walk away from your place.

Special Needs

Melrose Park is not fully fenced but there are a lot of trees and the section of Roseleigh Street in front of the main play area is fenced.  There are three covered tables (two with lights) and BBQ facilities.  There is also a toilet block on the far side of the park. For those parents that would like to have a coffee while their children play, you will find a good coffee shop one block down on Rose.

Melrose Park – Quick Overview

  • Playground with a main fort with climbing structures, slide, balance beam, small flying fox and monkey bars. Near the main fort are the usual rockers, swing set and a four-way sea-saw.
  • a larger flying fox and a lie-down circular group swing for older kids.
  • Partial fencing that makes it fairly safe from nearby traffic.
  • skate park with concrete quarter pipe.
  • Miniature road way with stop and give way signs for littlies to practise their driving skills.
  • Half-court basketball.
  • Cricket net.
  • Exercise equipment stations.
  • Oval with a pitch provides the perfect spot for a game of cricket.
  • Sheltered picnic tables and BBQs.
  • Toilets facilities

Melrose Park Location

Melrose Park, Wooloowin. Qld


Other awesome parks nearby: Kalinga Park and Oriel Park.


Amity Playground is located on the corner of Rose Street and Roseleigh Street in Wooloowin.

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