Brisbane Theme Parks

Brisbane is located close to some of the best theme parks in Australia. Below are the biggest, most happening, and most popular theme parks of Australia and all of them are only within an hour’s drive from Brisbane city.

A theme park is an idyllic place with fascinating attractions like the rides, which also includes water rides, shops, restaurants, and entertainment hubs. Once you are in a theme park, you have all the fun and unstoppable excitement. And for the theme parks in Brisbane, the level of excitement is just too oomph. Theme parks Brisbane provides the adults, the young, and teenagers with the exhilaration of the highest levels. In short, these parks are leveled up with amazing adventure and the action that goes around out here. 

Theme parks Brisbane aren’t only about the fun and being the part of playful events, but much more. When you are in any of these parks, you are giving your life a new meaning, wherein you live for yourself and your family, and the excitement takes upon you inch by inch. 

Here are a few great theme parks in Brisbane that would definitely give you the best retreat of the day and suddenly you find yourself at the helm living a new life: 

Dreamworld, Coomera, Gold Coast Area 

Dreamworld is Australia’s biggest park indeed that will give the family the reason to be there. This is the theme park where you are going to find entertainment, adventure, slides, rides, and wildlife happening. At Dreamworld, you are always welcomed by popular all-time celluloid Heroes like Shrek, Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar. 

Dreamworld is home to some of the fastest and highest roller coasters and rides in Australia. If you love adrenaline, this is the place for you. Experience the Giant Drop, Claw, Wipe out, Cyclone and Tower of Terror. You will not be disappointed. For the little kids there is Wiggle World, petting zoo, tiger and lion show and plenty more.

In addition to everything else, there is a special treat for the children that are waiting to welcome them at ABC Kids World and The Wiggles World. The new baby wildlife, as well as traditional and indigenous Australian culture comes into life at Dreamworld Corroboree. 

And then you have Tiger Island waiting to give you a truly awestruck feeling while involving yourself playing pranks with playful cubs named Khan, Zakari, and Javi. Dreamworld is made especially for the tiny tots and those with high-rated adrenalin. Here is the theme park that is ready to stomp your living aspirations. 

Contact info: Dreamworld Parkway Coomera, Gold Coast Area , Queensland  Australia, +611800073300 Email: , Visit Website

The TreeTop Challenge is indisputably Australia’s largest TreeTop Adventure Park that includes over 120 TreeTop activities together with 10 ziplines! The courses available at this theme park have various difficulty levels, and moreover, these courses run across astounding bushland and rainforest. If you are serious about exploring typically unique ad

Aussie World

Aussie World offers over 30 rides. This theme park is not for thrill seekers but it a great day out for smaller children and those who aren’t a fan of heights. After you’ve spent the day on rides, head next door to the iconic Ettamogah Pub for a delicious dinner.

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast, Oxenford, Gold Coast Area

True to its name, this is among very few theme parks in Brisbane where you have all the pleasure waiting. Truly exceptional water slides, and unlimited attractions that will take the young and the old by stride. This theme park offers a larger-than-life experience, and more importantly an overwhelming adventure. 

This is the ultimate water park for kids and adults. Ride the slides all day and float back and watch a movie at night in the wave pool. It’s a great day out.

Wet’n’Wild Gold Coast is a remarkable place to live your life in extreme summers. It is one of its kind theme park made for the kids, and that is why the tiny tots have miniature versions of Tornado and Aqua Racers zooming up at several zones. 

This is the theme park where you face all kinds of challenges to tackle your muscle power and you start at Aqualoops. The moment you plummet into a free vertical fall from a great height, your heart is sent to all new throbbing levels. 

And just when you want to feel composed, there is Calypso Beach or the Giant Wave Pool waiting in your honor. This is the ideal zone for you to unwind yourself after all that muscular and heart-throbbing adventure. 

Contact info: Pacific Motorway, Oxenford, Gold Coast Area, Queensland  Australia, +611800073300, Email:, Visit Website

Whitewater World – Gold Coast

Next door to Dreamworld is Whitewater World, a great water park for the whole family. Experience the wedgie, green room, super tubes and Wiggle bay.

Sea World

See hundreds of marine life and experience some great rides at SeaWorld. Do not miss the dolphin, polar bear, or shark shows, they are a must-sea! You can even go on helicopter rides and whale watching trips with SeaWorld as well.

Movie World

This is where everyone is a star! Watch the crazy stunt shows, music spectaculars, and ride the crazy rides. We suggest the Superman Escape ride and Green Lantern roller coaster. Also, make sure you check out some of the movie-themed shops.

Leisure Parks

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Currumbin, Gold Coast Area

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Currumbin is a perfect example of a wildlife sanctuary where you would like to get immersed in. The astounding natural beauty of this theme park is envious as much as it appears indulging. The 27 hectares of Currumbin rainforest is the kind of place for you where the excitement begins to happen the moment you cuddle Koalas or feed Kangaroos. 

The wildlife sanctuary works like a theme park and gives you the chance limits are crossed when you catch a glimpse of animals as you stroll the open animal spaces. Since this is a not-for-profit organization, it means that has a soft corner for wildlife and conservation programs. The theme park is not about making any business profits. 

Being at the 5 acres of Lost Valley brings you close enough to the begotten and yet exceptionally stunning rainforest. The limited area has a rare flora and exceptionally unique species of animals including Capybaras, Red Pandas, Bizarre Reptiles, Lemurs, and Cotton-top tamarins. 

Also indulge yourself in the lorikeet feeding, aboriginal performances, and equally striking free flight bird entertainments. You could catch the action happening at the Wildlife Hospital, where vets have more to do than sitting idle. You find the vets out here working every moment of their lives and protecting animals and birds. 

Contact Info: Gold Coast Highway, Corner of Tomewin Street Currumbin, Gold Coast Area, Queensland, Australia, +611300886511, Email: Visit Website


King Tutts Putt Putt, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Area

King Tutt’s Putt Putt is the theme park that offers you a great and overwhelming mini-golf challenge. It is the right paradise for golfers and even non-golfers. Arcade games and gyrating party events- you are always treated as the host. 

This is also a brilliant place for personal events like celebrating birthdays, arranging corporate functions, New Year celebrations, and any kind of family event. What’s more exciting – this theme park has two fully themed indoor courses which are perfect to indulge in any type of weather condition. 

Contact Info: Corner of Ocean Avenue and Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast Area, Queensland, Australia +61755702277 Email:, Visit Website


Get yourself ready and start exploring these amazing theme parks in Brisbane. Ultimately, you have the reasons to do the best and give a new turn to your life, breaking out from the busy and often hectic corporate life.