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The concept of developing public parklands is as unique and innovative as much as it is old. It is artificially developed grassland comprising trees and expansively wider verdant region that is available for use by the public for recreation purposes. In this sense, Victoria Park, Brisbane settles its underscore quite closely. But, Victoria Park, Brisbane is beyond the concept of recreational parks.


Historical Development of Victoria Park, Brisbane

Victoria Park follows a rich tradition and has an overwhelming history backing its development. This public parkland blends with the colorful and vibrant atmosphere of Brisbane. Anyone who has been here would not stop for a moment to imagine himself as heaven on earth. 

The Victoria Park Golf Complex used to be a quarry; which transformed into a rifle range and later a camping area for the temporary stationing of World War Two American troops. In the year 1931 this piece of land was designed and recreated into a nine-hole municipal golf course and this is when a clubhouse was also started operating under the aegis of Brisbane City Council. 

New and innovative facilities began to come up from 1999 onwards when members of Bickle family to the likes of Siobhan Bickle, Louis Bickle, and Mary Bickle joined hands with Adam Flaskas to gain the tender from Brisbane City Council. 

Victoria Park Clubhouse also began the operations after its renovation in 1999. Later on, the entire complex of Victoria Park has undergone major transformations that began with the creation, running and managing prosperous inner-city destination, just 2 kilometers from Brisbane City. 

There is also a detailed lease agreement between park management and the Brisbane City Council keeping in line with business operations and the profits. With the business proposition in mind, this public parkland has transformed itself into a multi-functional entity that now includes the food and beverage, hospitality, leisure activities, recreational options, and a mesmerizing spot for organizing events. 

From its heydays when there were only 3 employees, Victoria Park, Brisbane in the new millennia is a sprawling space, which employs 180 regular and several other part-time staff. It has undoubtedly become the business and most profitable commercial center offering a wide range of function and lifestyle opportunities. 

Melange of Creative Recreation Facilities

Brisbane’s Victoria Park is redundant with events, and that is because it is replete with top-notch options like a Golf Course, Driving Range, 18-hole Putt-Putt Course, 8 Function Rooms, Wedding Venues, and the Bistro. This 45- hectares green space is going to make a whole lot of difference in your life.  

Wonderful Retreat for People of All Ages

Standing at the strategic location of a mere 2kms. from the beautiful city of Brisbane, Victoria Park is truly welcoming, heart-throbbing, innovative, and a state-of-the-art public parkland. Victoria Park Brisbane is developed in spectacular settings, ideal for grown-ups, older people, and kids. 

Unlimited Fun Opportunities for Everyone

There is a specially designed kids’ playground that runs all the seven days. Apart from everything else, there are also adventurous and exciting giant games and food market carts running on weekends. There is unstoppable action happening all year and all the time.

Conatct info: 309 Herston Road, Herston QLD 4006,Phone: 07 3252 0666, Visit Website

Draft Plan for the Park Unleashed in January 2020 

It would be Brisbane’s public parkland in 50 years with huge verdant expanse. And you may also want to know why Victoria Park, Brisbane is going to be called One of Its Kind? Well, this is the reason you need to check the re-development plan drat, which contains the space for:  </s

  • Cultural Hub
  • Mountain bike and walking tracks
  • High ropes course
  • Vegetable patch
  • A 1.4-hectare Lake
  • Boat house and kayaking hire
  • Skate park
  • Tennis and cricket courts
  • Children’s water park
  • Children’s playground
  • A canopy walk
  • A tree house
  • A new function facility
  • Outdoor multipurpose entertainment spaces
  • A brand-new golf “skills” practise area

 Awards and Accolades Received Credited to Victoria Park

  • 2010: “Best Meeting Venue 500+ Delegates” Meetings & Events Australia, State
  • 2011: “Best Specialty Event Venue” Meetings & Events Australia, National
  • 2011: “Best Specialty Event Venue” Meetings & Events Australia, State
  • 2012: “Best Specialty Event Venue” Meetings & Events Australia, National
  • 2012: “Best Specialty Event Venue” Meetings & Events Australia, State
  • 2014: “Junior Golf Program of the Year” QLD Golf Industry Awards
  • 2015: “PGA Club Professional of the Year” QLD Golf Industry Awards
  • 2016: “PGA Metropolitan Tournament of the Year” QLD Golf Awards
  • 2017: “PGA Metropolitan Tournament of the Year” QLD Golf Awards
  • 2018: Winner: “Most Romantic Wedding Venue” Lux Global Awards

A Hand in Charity, Wesley Mission, Queensland

Victoria Park, Brisbane is the staunch supporter of the Wesley Mission, Queensland, which is Australia’s top-notch organization committed to community service and development. The not for profit service is helping people in need ever since its humble start in 1907. This noble concept came into existence from Albert Street Methodist Church, which is currently working as Uniting Church. 

Wesley Mission, Queensland is living up to its mission with all the commitment in entirety, helping the people to support people living on the edge and those who have been demarginalized by the society. The organization has grown from a modest start to over 2,600 employees and an awe-inspiring 1,500 active working members with a huge working network spread across 65 locations. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

Victoria Park Brisbane is working efficiently by helping the community around with the help of transparent corporate social responsibility. The park management is supporting the local suppliers by sourcing the local produce by utilizing low carbon transportation. Victoria Park, Brisbane also supports Annual Charity Partner using fundraising. The cleaning products produced in the park are recycled. The OZ Tank on-site ensures extremely low use of chemicals. 


Victoria Park, Brisbane gives you value for your time. It is one of the very few perfect public parklands that make an overwhelming difference to the existence of mankind. And ultimately, the expanse and verdant atmosphere of Victoria Park provides you the you the reason to be here.  

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