UQ St Lucia Campus

Visiting Brisbane? UQ St Lucia campus is a must see place if you would like to experience the university life in Australia.

In this video by Mediatimes , you can explore campus life of UQ St Lucia.

UQ is considered to be one of leading universities in Australia, and is ranked as the 48th most reputable university in the world.

UQ St Lucia is the most popular campus and it feel like a small city in itself with a a vibrant community of 50,000 students from more than 140 countries.

Coming to UQ (University of Qld) to study or planning to study in UQ? Below you will see our campus tour video of UQ St Lucia campus. Get a glimpse of the St Lucia Campus. See how your campus looks like before you visit here.

UQ St Lucia campus is just 7 kms from city and it is believed to be the best university campus in Qld. Situated on 114 hectares of Brisbane River-bound land, UQ’s main campus is a vibrant mix of majestic sandstone buildings and contemporary architecture; landscaped gardens and lakes.

Fanning out from the heritage-listed Great Court, you’ll find modern teaching and research facilities, including laboratories, lecture theatres, and Queensland’s largest research library. The expansive grounds are also home to a variety of sporting facilities, museums, cafes, and those famous Jacaranda trees.

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