Neighbourhood Watch Queensland

Neighbourhood Watch Queensland (NHWQ) is like an important link between police and the community. This is an initiative to help locals community member to keep a watch on anything suspicious and report to the NHWQ or Police which helps control the crime rate in Brisbane.

NHWQ Groups gives their members a direct point of contact with the police.

NHWQ enables people to raise their concerns regarding safety of their local areas with the police. And it also help Police to get with the necessary information they may need to keep a check on crime or local safety.

Brisbane lifestyle is easy and laid back and the city is quite safe compared to other cities around the world. However, it comes with a responsibility from local community members to help each other and report any suspicious things to the NHWQ or Police. We encourage individuals, families, businesses and neighbourhoods to work together to strengthen and connect our communities for a safe and secure Queensland.

more information can be found on the official website