Italian Restaurants in Brisbane

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It’s no secret that Brisbanites are avid lovers of Italian food, and with so many restaurants throughout Brisbane offering authentic, varied and downright tasty Italian cuisine, why shouldn’t they? However, like most restaurants, almost every Italian restaurant in Brisbane sees itself as one of the best in Brisbane, regardless if that is true of not.

Media Times has developed a list consisting of ten of Brisbane’s most popular Italian restaurants that are definitely deserving of their spot below.

Pane E Vino — Brisbane City

As a perfect stop after a long day, Pane e Vino is the place where lovers of Italian cuisine can feel welcome and unwind as they enjoy the restaurant’s authentic Italian cuisine in a casually elegant setting. Owned by brothers Tony and Gino of the D’Arienzo family, this restaurant came from humble beginnings as Lucia’s Café in 1950.

Pane E Vino serves authentic Italian meals inspired by the D’Arienzo brothers’ hometown, Pescara. The restaurant’s menus contain a variety of traditional Italian dishes guaranteed to impress with a large list of pasta, pane bread, desserts, croissants, muffins, breakfast boxes and cheap finger-sized bites.Though Pane e Vino’s moto with food is to ‘keep it simple’, this by no means makes their food ordinary or dull. Pane e Vino has more than 43 different recipes and an extensive wine list, focusing on quality ingredients and robust flavours, all with a home-like vibe to further relax diners.

IL Centro — Brisbane City

You will find inventive modern Italian cuisine with a distinctly Queensland spin and fine wine at IL Centro, arguably one of the best Italian restaurants in Brisbane, located in the heart of Brisbane’s premier dining precinct.

Located on Eagle Street, IL Centro’s expertise is best illustrated by its signature dish, the legendary Sand Crab Lasagne. All dishes within IL Centro are made with fresh local produce, allowing chefs to create a range of amazing meals that diners can take advantage of in daily specials. With an extensive menu filled with panes, antipasti, primi, paste e risotto and secondi, diners are spoiled for choice when it comes to choosing traditional Italian cuisine.

IL Centro is open every day of the week with alternate opening and closing times during the weekend. During weekdays, IL Centro is open from 12:00pm – 3:00pm for lunch and 5:30 – 10:00pm for dinner services. For more information,

Da Sette Soldi — Calamvale

As a hidden gem hidden within the suburbia of Calamvale, Da Sette Soldi delivers intriguing textures and a variety of wines to cleanse the pallet with its authentic and traditional Italian cuisine, making every mouthful a new and memorable experience.

Capable of holding corporate functions while offering the finest service possible, Da Sette Soldi is a popular restaurant for weddings & receptions, birthdays & christenings, functions & corporate meetings, and bucks parties & baby showers, to name a few. Da Sette Soldi has a fine list of pasta, soup, pizza, meat dishes and fish dishes within its menu, all of which can be enjoyed within Da Sette Soldi’s sophisticated and sharp dining setting or taken home as a takeaway. So come down and try some of chef Cane George’s award-winning food while meeting the kind and helpful staff at Da Sette Soldi.

Da Sette Soldi is open every day from 5:00 pm – 9:30 pm. For more information, visit

Il Posto — Brisbane City

Offering an urban dining experience that draws on their traditional Italian heritage, giving it a contemporary twist, Il Posto will impress any diner with its open-air dining on the patio overlooking bustling Latrobe Terrace and its indoor space from where diners can peer into the open kitchen and watch as their meals are skillfully created.

Il Posto is one of the best Italian restaurants in Brisbane to go to for hand-crafted pizzas, homestyle Italian cooking and a relaxed atmosphere. Il Posto places high importance on using only high quality and locally sourced ingredients, including organic, grass fed beef and organic flour. Simple, elegant dishes inspired by regional Italy are created using house-made cheeses and pasta, complemented by stellar Australian and international beers and wines.

II Posto is open every day of the week with various opening and closing hours. For more information, visit

The Purple Olive — Fortitude Valley

The Purple Olive creates a wide selection of modern and classic Italian cuisine with locally sourced produce with its recent refurbishment that comes together to give The Purple Olive a brand new feel, cementing a contemporary look yet an inviting and warm feel while only serving the best of good quality food.

The Purple Olive prides itself on using the finest ingredients available and sources mainly local produce to make their dishes from the ground up. From homemade potato gnocchi to rustic bread, it is all made at The Purple Olive. The pizzas are absolutely stunning and your pasta or any other meal that you order is cooked once the order is in the kitchen, so then you do not lose any of the freshness of the ingredients or the nutritional value.

The Purple Olive is open every day except Monday, opening for lunch services between 12:00 pm – 2:00 pm during the weekend. The Purple Olive opens at 5:30 pm for dinner every day (except Monday), with the restaurant closing at 11:00 pm on Saturday, 8:30 pm on Sunday and 10:00 pm for every other day. For more information.

Pellegrini — Oxley

This hole-in-the-wall restaurant would be left alone in the dark of the culinary world if it were not for its great food and dedicated customers coming in to fervently consume its amazing Italian cuisine. Though simple in its looks with a small dining area and an unassuming shopfront along the streets of Oxley that can easily be looked over, no lover of Italian food should miss out on this little restaurant’s food.

Though Pellegrini is lacking in terms of available information and a professional website, it more than makes up for it with dishes you could expect from a professional Italian pizzeria restaurant. Starters include pizza bread, salads and a half-dozen seafood dishes including garlic prawns and three different calamari dishes. Mains include various chicken, veal and steak dishes served with fresh vegetables and potatoes, including a score of traditional pastas such as lasagne, spaghetti bolognese or carbonara. Various fettuccine, penne, rigatoni and risotto varieties are also available, so diners should be more than happy with the choice they have at Pellegrini.


Beccofino — Newstead

If you are looking for menu choices when dining in at an Italian restaurant, Beccofino can provide you with an array of dishes set to quell anyone’s taste, coupled with an exceptional atmosphere, great staff and Italian cuisine with a unique flavour.

Beccofino offers diners a plethora of menu items including traditional Italian dishes and more modern takes on recipes. Beccofino also prioritises its food over all else, as you will be hard-pressed to find any other Italian cuisine that is as well thought out as Beccofino’s. With an expansive dining area with an impressive wine rack and modern furnishing, Beccofino exudes a formal atmosphere while still being cheap and casual enough for anyone to dine there.

Beccofino is open every day of the week except Monday with various opening and closing times throughout the week. For more information and the opening and closing times of each day, visit

Bella Tiarnie — New Farm

As a stylish restaurant filled to the brim with contemporary decor, vibrant colours and talented staff, it is of little why Bella Tiarnie is on this list. Bella Tiarnie takes traditional Italian recipes and adds their experienced head chef’s touch, with many years of experience under his belt as the head chef for many famous restaurants, making for some of the best Italian cuisines in Brisbane.

With takeaway and dine-in options, Bella Tiarnie offers its dine-in diners a range of mains and signature dishes sure to make anyone’s taste buds jump in anticipation. With more than 15 pizzas to choose from with the added option to create your own, an array of hot & cold drinks, desserts, pasta and bread, Bella Tiarnie will have anyone who chooses to dine they’re wrapped around their finger.

For more information, visit

Grappino — Paddington

Grappino is a family-owned and operated award-winning Italian restaurant with the restaurant’s talented and highly praised head chef of the Roduner family making delicious culinary creations for lovers of Italian cuisine.

The dishes at Grappino are made with fresh produce brought to the restaurant on the day with blackboard specials changing daily based on in-season produce, creating a robust and ever-changing menu of exciting Italian cuisine. Besides the main favourites of Italian cuisine, the Roduners also create an array of baked and seafood dishes for diners to choose from.

As a restaurant where quality is abound, Grappino is sure to provide that family vibe and home-like food most family-owned and run restaurants provide while still being a casual enough place to meet up with friends and family for a quick bite to eat. Though the meals at Grappino are simple, they are undeniably delicious.

Grappino is closed on Sundays and Monday, opening at 12:00pm – 12:00am from Tuesday to Saturday while opening 6:00 pm – 12:00 am on Fridays. For more information, visit

Zio Mario’s — East Brisbane

This family-owned traditional Italian restaurant that has been within the heart of Brisbane for more than three decades with a name that also brings to mind a world-renowned Nintendo character has stood the test of time, serving its diners quality Italian cuisine while taking every chance to improve through feedback.

Located in Mowbray Tce near the Gabba stadium, Zio Mario serves a variety of traditional Italian dishes, focusing its menu around pasta, pizza, veal dishes, chicken dishes, seafood and salad. These dishes can be enjoyed in the restaurant’s spacious dining area, as Zio Mario’s utilises red and white as its central colours and statues upon its walls to add depth to the room. Though the furniture itself is not anything too special, it does get the job done.

Zio Marios is closed during Sundays and is open from 11:30am – 2:00pm for lunch services between Monday and Friday. Dinner services are from 5:00pm – 9:00pm every day. For more information, visit



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