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Go Card

This card will make public transport hopping much easier. Not only does it offer 50% fares for students, but it also allows for easy access onto and off any public transport. You are required to load money onto your card and must zap a reader when you enter or leave a form of public transport such as the ferry, bus or train to clock on and off.

This way of paying will save not only time but will make your day that little bit easier. Go cards can be obtained from online, from Queensland Train stations, over the phone, as well as from retailers such as newsagents.

Brisbane Buses

Brisbane’s bus fleet is amongst the largest in Australia and has networks all over the city, which spread into the outer suburbs. Translink buses are in operation 7 days a week and can take you where you need to go.

Special NightLink services are also available for late night travellers on Friday and Saturday nights. Free city loops are also available free of charge between 7am-6pm on weekdays.

Brisbane Trains

For longer distance travel around the Greater Brisbane area, Brisbane’s train system is sure to take you where you need to go. With stations placed across the inner city, in the suburbs and further out of the city, this option is the perfect substitute for driving your car into the city and will save you money on parking and petrol!

As well as this, Brisbane’s Airtrain network runs from the Brisbane Airport, through to the CBD and then down to the Gold Coast so there is never any need for a taxi if there is a station close by which can get you onto the AirTrain line.

Brisbane Ferry- CityCats

Brisbane’s ferry network, known as CityCats, are a unique way to travel around the city. With stops from the University of Queensland, St Lucia on the western side of the city centre down to Hamilton Northshore which lies on the eastern side, it is arguably the most enjoyable form of public transport on offer. With stunning views of the city skyline, no traffic jams and stops at all of Brisbane’s best areas, the ferry is definitely something unique to experience.