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author: Vikas Rana
I am an Indian living in Australia for 11+ years. I started “Indians in Australia” facebook page in 2011 and around the same time I founded Mediatimes blog which currently attracts thousands of users every month.

In this article, you will find important information on the Indian community in Australia. If you’re looking for information on the Indian community in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne or anywhere in Australia, here you can find all the information that you need.

There are 592,000 Indians living in Australia as of June 2018. The Indian population in Australia has exponentially grown in the last few years according to the latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

India now accounts for 2.4% of the Australian population and the median age of an Indian migrant is revealed to be 34 years.

Facebook Pages/Websites to Follow:

  1. First of all, follow this facebook page which is the largest community Facebook page with 13,000+ Indians in Australia and is the best way to stay updated with the latest in the Indian community.
  2. Another best source to stay updated with the Indian community in Australia is sbs hindi facebook page.  I suggest you follow this page too because they post a lot of news and blogs related to Indians in Australia and around the world. They also keep their followers updated with the latest in India.
  3. Also, we have an official Indians in Australia website where we post the blogs to provide lifestyle tips and the latest news in the Indians community in Brisbane and across Australia. If you are an Indian in Australia then you should check out the site.

If you are new in Brisbane then you can check out the Things to do Brisbane page. Also, you may want to read more on Brisbane lifestyle if you like to get an idea about life in Australia.

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In the end, if you’re new or planning to make Australia your home then don’t just look for the Indian community but also try to mingle with Australian culture. I love this comment below from Divyan George Varghese on Quora.  

“When you make the conscious decision to relocate to a new country, it is important that you are consciously willing to adapt to that particular culture and to try and blend in. All this can be done without letting go of your own cultural identity.”