Water Parks in Brisbane

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Water parks are the niche places developed by governments in the local area to provide water-related recreation facilities to communities. The parks offer exorbitant water fun like wave surfing, tubing, swimming, water slides, and much more. In recent times, water parks in Brisbane have come up in two formats – the usual style of outdoor water parks and excessively innovative indoor parks.

The features offered in both these types of water parks are almost similar, except for the reason that the indoor styled water parks contain swimming pools and large spaces that serve as water playgrounds. Water parks Brisbane acts as the perfect site for tourist attraction. These also satiate the interest of local communities to enjoy their weekends and indulge in water associated recreational activities. Finally, it is time to make the splash and stay cool. Water parks in Brisbane have a lot to offer to everyone.  

Relaxation and enjoyment take a new form with the coming of waterparks Brisbane. These parks are encouraging grand family outing activity, especially in summers. Let’s take a quick review of the comprehensive guide that offers the details on playgrounds and water parks in Brisbane:

Logan Gardens Water Park 

The water park is situated inside Logan Central’s popular parkland, and fraught with creative water activities designed especially for the kids. The entire water park in undercover and as the dusk sets in, it gets illuminated with an overtly terrific light show. The park falls within the definition of the perfect family spot due to the reason that there is a good seating arrangement for colorful benches, picnic tables, and tailor-made seats made out of concrete.  

Logan Gardens Water Park has been renovated recently, gorgeously landscaped by planting trees at equal spaces. Besides, a turf has also come up to ensure an appealing verdant atmosphere. There is also a depiction of aboriginal artwork showing up on various places on the arbour roof panels. The water table of toddlers has been designed by a home-grown indigenous artist Jessica McKinnon. 

The water park in Brisbane shields a whole new and artistic outlook and features toddler’s water table, 10 totem poles that have been provided with nozzle sprays, a pop jet plaza fitted sophisticatedly with 12 fountains, truly marvelous barbecue facilities, 6 cubicle toilets, dumping bucket, and an amazing 50mm deep splash pool. 

There is also a regular display of water play that runs between 7:30 am and 7:30 pm from October through April. During the winters or around that time, the water play is set between 8:30 am to 6:30 pm. For more information about the functioning of the water park, you may connect to the designated authorities. 

Contact info: 12 Civic Parade, Logan Central QLD 4114, Australia, +61 7 3412 3412

Flagstone Water Play Park

Flagstone Water Play Park is a spectacular state-of-the-art public water park that has come around only recently on the hinterland of Flagstone, City of Logan. The ground-breaking water park is not only Brisbane’s cynosure but a great hallmark of Australia. 

This amazing water park is dotted with a 10m climbable treehouse, tree-shaped waterfalls, and surprisingly the most heart throbbing ‘zero-depth’ watercourse supplied with gushing jets, blasters as well as bubblers. While being imbued in fun and excitement at the Flagstone water play park, just don’t forget to provide your family with the ultimate indulgence.

Take the time out with your family and visitors to the enormous Flagstone Regional Rec Park, competition-standard urban skate plaza, Queensland’s one of its kind water play facilities designed for the dogs, and an enormous adventure playground containing an 11-meter tower.

Well, Flagstone Water Play Park goes out truly with captivating themes, all of which attract leisure seekers almost throughout the year. This thematic water park inspires your imagination and increases the water experiences that are usually hard to come by. 

Contact Info: Flagstonian Dr, Undullah QLD 4285, Australia, Visit Website


Aquativity is the entertaining and astoundingly interactive kids water park positioned at South Bank quite adjacent to the Riverside playground and lagoon. This super amazing water park is not only known for the kids’ fun and frolic activities, but it also has many specially built features representing educational plays similar to the river close by. 

The water park will offer your kids a practical understanding of the basics of the water cycle and its effect on the climate. And besides everything else, the water park is home to native fish, mammal species of dugong, and mullet.

There is also the enchanting pattern of the river catchments. Kids are not going to miss out on the opportunity of learning the linkage between indigenous people, environment, and urban elements of humans with the river. 

Contact info: 07 3156 6366, Visit Website


Splash’n’Play is a stunning and advanced water park where your kids will get through the real exploitation and also spoil themselves with things that are more than just extraordinary. This water playground is managed by family-friendly foodie eatery by the name “Forty West” located in Ipswich’s new Providence town, South Ripley.

Aquativity at Splash’n’Play Water Park becomes better with every hour spent here. Your loving kids are going to have all the fun with streams and puddles, wiggly fountains, squirts, and spurts as well as ostensibly great and high-powered water play like Hula Post, Spiral Spray, and Aqua Arch. Activities like seesaw, cozy dome ‘cubby’, butterfly scramble nets, along with path windings are lined up for small kids. 

Contact info:  South Ripley QLD 4306, Australia, Visit Website


Aquasplash Inflatable Water Park

Aquasplash belongs to the clan of the inflatable water park has a really nice and cool location in 

clear blue waters off Clontarf’s Pelican Park. The water park is huge and quite widespread. There is no limit to water activities and fun.  Aquasplash Redcliffe is perfect for kids age 5 and above. 

This amazingly huge inflatable water park is capable of treating 120 people per hour, within the age range of 5 years and 9 years. The water park is safe for kids as it is mandatory for every child to accompany an adult and lifesaving jackets are provided to all children. 

Contact Info: Pelican Park, Hornibrook Esplanade, Clontarf, Redcliffe QLD 4019.  Visit Website 07 3153 4131, 0427 547 447



Water parks Brisbane are the safe recreational playgrounds that are making the headway towards redefining the concept of enjoyment and retreatment. The parks have clearly demarcated regulations, including the dress code defined clearly for visitors of every age and gender. Advisory on specific height limits has also been written down at several visible points.

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