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Simply SEO – Complete SEO Guide

The Only SEO Guide – You Will Ever Need.

Vikas Rana, Founder of WebsiteFix Digital reveals in this ebook the in-depth guide how he scores FIRST PAGE RANKING FOR ANY BUSINESS In under 6 months (SEO Secrets revealed first time ever..!)

Here’s what this 77 pages eBook with step by step blueprint will teach you

  • Find Money Making Keywords That Will Bring You Sales
  • Secrets to Convert Users Who Visit Your Website
  • Find Your Targeted Audience – Where They Are – What They Do & What They Are Looking For
  • Step by Step instructions To Optimize every post/page on your site so that Google sees your content as high-quality, authoritative and informative
  • Learn Step by Step External/ Off-Page Optimization Techniques to Submit Your Website to Search Engines, directories and popular sites
  • Create a Large Amount of Powerful and Natural Backlinks for Your Website Very Easily Using Simple Methods
  • Best FREE SEO Tools that will Make the Work Easier For You
  • Setup Blogs on your site, secrets to organise a writer easily at cheaper pay rates, and promote your content to target audience
  • Get your website mentioned on popular sites (Forbes, Inc, NY Times)
  • Lead your visitors from blogs to your service/sales pages
  • Make your site mobile-friendly (more people using smartphones than desktop)
  •  Increase the amount of time people spend on your site
  •  FREE access to updated version of the eBook in future

About Author:

Vikas Rana is the founder of WebsiteFix – Australia’s fastest growing SEO company. For well over a decade, he’s helped over 100 SMEs (Small Business Enterprises) in Australia, while assisting millions of people around the world through his articles and videos. His techniques have even been utilised by many large corporations and publicly listed companies.

As a result of his work in SEO and dedication to helping small and many large endeavours, he has been featured in many popular blogs and sites such as Entrepreneur, Inc, eLearningIndustry, Rocksdigital, Injust5, and many more.

Using tried and tested methods, Vikas has a 99% success rate in achieving high Google rankings and organic growth for his clients. These secrets and results are proven by his own company WebsiteFix ranking the top of first page in a Google search for SEO related words; such as ‘SEO Services’ & ‘SEO Services Brisbane’.


“The content of this course is excellent. No fluff, and pure SEO strategies step by step. “- Ken Kunin. CEO, On Song International

“Vikas has done great job in picking out the best SEO tools and makes everything easy to understand in this course. A must-have if you wish to keep up in today’s competitive web environment as an entrepreneur. Thanks Vikas!” – Sarah. Director, WHPP

SEO ebook


Notes From Author

People believe marketing is expensive and difficult. Fortunately, that’s not true. In this course, I will share formulas which enable you to get the highest results, as well as beat your competitors (no matter how big they are). You’ll find this eBook the key to online success, regardless of whether you have a technical bone in your body!

No matter whether you’re a SEO beginner, a business man – dentist, carpenter, tradesman or blogger, everyone will understand this guide to implementing business growth through becoming an SEO expert.

This is not just a book, It’s my way of sharing knowledge to expand it in others. By understanding the road to prosperity (and the doubts along the way), I’m dedicated to share industry secrets, my years of research, tests, outcomes and methods of my own experiences, along with hundreds of others in this necessary online approach.

And though it took just 4 months to write this eBook, you now have access to a decade of collected information that will best serve your business. A lifetime of my practices will make your own experience straight to the point, actionable and fun to read.

To rise above your competitors with confidence, and comfortably acquire skills as you go (especially for the non-tech reader) I’ve written step-by-step modules to grow your rankings with Google and all other search engines. Unlike any other courses out there, you’ll find less fluff, less theory & less talk – but you’ll find a whole lot of actionable tips.

These strategies alone are enough to rank your website pages first on Google; since these are the very exact techniques in which I’ve enjoyed success for my own website, and the hundreds of clients I’ve supported. By following my modules, your rankings and organic traffic (not to mention growing sales) are guaranteed to flow.

Wishing you great success, and limitless value to your company.


Vikas Rana


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