Review Guidelines

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What are Reviews and Comments?

A review is an individual’s personal experience with a business. A comment is a response to a review.

Business owners can comment on a particular review and respond on behalf of their company. They can respond by saying thank you to a positive review or apologies for a customer’s bad experience.

Submitting Reviews and comments

Media Times will try to screen all the reviews and comments. However, there can be delays due to large volume of submissions.

We will publish, reject, edit or remove any review or comment at our discretion.

All reviews and comments submitted to MediaTimes become the property of Mediatimes.

We may reproduce any part of a review or comment for publication or broadcast in marketing material, newsletters, on social networking sites, newspapers, magazines, TV, radio or online.

MediaTimes is under no obligation to remove any part of a review or comment when requested by the reviewer or business owner.

Unacceptable reviews or comments

Fake, offensive reviews and comments will be rejected by MediaTimes which doesn’t comply with MediaTimes’s review guidelines.

We reject reviews or comments which:

  • Don’t seem to be real or genuine reviews.
  • Contain any kind of offensive language such as swear words or derogatory material, racist, sexist or homophobic related words.
  • Are based on rumour or second-hand information (for example, an experience your partner or friend had).
  • Are defamatory. These can include reviews made to falsely or unjustly damage someone’s reputation.
  • We strongly suggest that Reviewers must back up any allegations with as much detail and background information as possible for us to consider publishing it.
  • Contain claims of food poisoning, medical malpractice or illegal activity. We encourage reviewers who have experienced these issues to contact the relevant authorities.
  • May be in contempt of court. This includes reviews and comments containing references to legal cases currently before court.
  • Are written by a business owner on a competitor’s business listing.
  • Don’t explain any specific experiences with the business
  • Are written in a language other than English or which don’t make sense.
  • Contain content which is directly copied from somewhere else.

It is user’s duty to read the guidelines before writing any review or comments. We will not be able to notify you if we delete your review as our system currently do not enable us to do so. MediaTime’s decision is final and we won’t enter into any further correspondence about the matter.

We are strongly against the practices where reviews are made by business owners or their staff on their own business listings. However we do encourage business owners to keep track of their reviews and respond responsibly by commenting on reviews or replying to user’s genuine inquiries.


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