Guide to Best Chinese Restaurants in Brisbane

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Who doesn’t enjoy some good oriental food once in a while? Besides some good, local Chinese from your nearest takeaway store, there are many restaurants throughout Brisbane that provide those satisfying dishes everyone loves and longs for while still retaining that crucial essence of formality and class. Whether it is a steaming dumpling, crackling pork belly or some tangy spring rolls, Brisbane’s top Chinese restaurants will deliver quantity, quality and taste every time.

Chinese cuisine blends the signature flavours of sweet, sour, spicy and salty to create a balanced blend of varied flavours that sooth the taste buds. However, some restaurants do this better than others. So which Chinese restaurants should you dine at?

Yee Foong, Fortitude Valley

Looks are certainly deceiving when it comes to Yee Foong. Though not much to look at with a quick first glance, Yee Foong certainly makes up for its questionable choice of decor with its peking duck and handmade dumplings, as well as some of the best beef and crispy chicken available. Described as a “no-nonsense” and “family-run” eatery, this little restaurant will have you remembering the old adage of never judging a book by its cover. Yee Foong is open from 11:00am–10:30pm every day of the week.

Ho Choi, Moorooka

A long-standing, family-run restaurant with smiling staff and fair prices. Ho Choi offers diners a comfy, home-like dining experience with excellent Chinese cuisine to match. Though mainly specializing in the takeaway, Ho Choi has gathered praise from many diners for its fresh and crispy quail and other delightful dishes. With a range of soups, chow mein, chicken, seafood, duck, beef and pork dishes to choose from, including other delightful extras, Ho Choi is the restaurant to dine at for a flavourful experience. Ho Choi is open every day of the week from 11:00am with varying closing times.

Big Fortune, New Farm

Located within Merthyr Village, Big Fortune prides itself on serving traditional Cantonese cuisine and a few specialty dishes from neighboring nations. With chic decor and a lively atmosphere, diners can lose themselves in some flaming pork chops served up by the family of the restaurant’s talented chef, Daniel Lau. Renowned for its pepper dishes, presentation and varied selection of dairy-free options, Big Fortune will breathe life into diners who want an eventful dining experience. Big Fortune is open from 11:30am–10:30pm, Monday to Friday.

Chinese Garden, Upper Mount Gravatt

With a style reminiscent of 90’s Hong Kong, Chinese Garden’s food can be best described as ‘flawless and flashy’ with the restaurant itself famous for its top-notch takeaway. Though a little busy at times with staff committed to their work, Chinese Garden still manages to reel in diners with its amazing fod thanks to the traditional Chinese culinary skills of the chef. The restaurant’s steamed oysters and steamed whole silver perch are held in high regards. With the skill of the chef coming through with every dish, Chinese Garden should not be missed by anyone seeking authentic traditional Chinese cuisine. Open most days of the week from 11:30am, except for Tuesday when closed, and with varying closing hours, Chinese Garden should be your number one choice of Chinese restaurants if you are near Mount Gravatt or Sunnybank.

Asian Lily, Graceville

Whether you are celebrating a family milestone or simply want a great place to dine out at, the Asian Lily restaurant has you covered. Known for its efficient service and great food, diners can rest easy within Asian Lily’s pristine dining room. With stylish modern decor providing a formal atmosphere and fresh dishes served piping hot, Asian Lily goes above and beyond in terms of service, presentation and taste. With quality, consistency and fair prices that have not varied over the years, Asian Lily will easily become your go-to Chinese restaurant for you and your posterity. The restaurant opens at 11:30am and is closed between 3:00pm–5:00pm, and then re-opens until 10:00pm. However, the restaurant is only open between 5:00pm–10:00pm during Sundays.

written by – James Just

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