Seafood Buffet Brisbane- Your Guide to Best Seafood Buffets in Brisbane

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Don’t want to go for that deep-fried or wok-fried food in which the freshness is lost forever! Are you a hardcore seafood lover, whose taste buds are always soaked and waiting to gulp the lordly feast? 

Seafood is low in carbs and rich in proteins and vitamins, and all of this makes it nutritious and healthy. The food is prepared hygienically using either boiling or steaming.  Brisbane is an ever-growing and enriching bub of seafood and several exotic restaurants are ready to serve the best buffet lunch and exclusive dinners to full-time seafood lovers. 

Besides being an overwhelmingly special gossiping place, the seafood buffets Brisbane happens to be a memorable treat to families around the Brisbane area to unwind themselves discussing the matters of importance over the table while the hot and sizzling seafood continues to dot the table. 

Table manners are well-preserved falls within the protocols. This All-inclusive guide provides you with updated and the most detailed information on state-of-the-art seafood buffet in Brisbane.  

Here is the list of the most amazing seafood buffets in Brisbane, where you do not want to miss out dining with your family and the friends: 

#1 – The Greenbank RSL Deluxe Seafood Buffet

The Greenbank deluxe seafood buffet is offered every Friday and Saturday nights. Due to the heavy rush, the buffet is served in two settings. All those seafood fads planning for an afternoon or evening doused in seafood need to book their place in advance and prevent the last-minute hassles. 

The Greenbank RSL Deluxe Seafood Buffet gives out a unique and subtle collection of exquisite seasonal seafood, and that includes your choices too. And this seafood buffet is a personal favorite of kids too. 

The deluxe seafood buffet houses fully managed kids room provided with classic arcades and innovative Xbox games apart from toys and a drawing table Out here, you enjoy the pleasure of having the market-fresh fish along with seafood. 

This seafood buffet in Brisbane is the right place for families and large business groups to arrange a get-together and live in the exquisitely sophisticated indoor and alfresco dining. There are displays of Sushi train as well as Teppanyaki style of cooking, and the room around for more surprises.  

Contact info: 54 Anzac Ave, Hillcrest QLD 4118, Australia, +61 7 3800 7746, Visit Website


#2 – The Broncos Leagues Club Seafood Buffet

The Broncos Leagues Club Seafood Buffet is cool and emblematic of exotic species of oysters, mussels, crabs, and a huge array of local fish. It is not only the seafood buffet, but there is also a complimentary balance established with different preps of salad, alongside the regular serving of roast and pasta buffet. 

Guests have more to seafood at Broncos Leagues Club Seafood Buffet. Every Saturday nights are the special nights at Broncos Leagues Club, as it brings families and communities around the Brisbane on one table and relishes in the most delightful treat of specially prepared marine food. 

If you are a regular seafood taster, and still want to be in the budget, then this is the right place. Become a member of this club, and you get the opportunity and advantage to book for a family dinner or lunch ahead of the scheduled bookings. 

Guests who have a special fascination for grilled seafood, The Broncos Leagues Club Seafood Buffet makes it happen. The club is equipped with Mibrasa Woodfired Oven, and grilled fish is served with a delicate taste of charcoal. 

You are going to love appreciating an eternal meal with your family and friends. Besides, you will always have a new listing on their buffet menu. You have endless surprising all the time. 

Contact info: 98 Fulcher Rd, Red Hill QLD 4059, Australia,  +61 7 3858 9000, Visit Website


#3 – The Brasserie on The River, Stamford Plaza

The riverside seafood buffet in Brisbane is remarkably ornate, full of grandeur, and replete with a resplendent range of seafood items. It is an ideally suited location to organize family get together and formal meetings.   

The restaurant overlooks the charming Brisbane River, and that’s one of the reasons to give it the title– “The Brasserie on The River.” The seafood buffet in Brisbane owns popularity for the seafood in breakfast, lunch or dinner.

While your fingers are playing on Australia’s most delectable seafood prepared by the qualified chefs, there is always a tinge of romanticism oozing out from the ever-charming Brisbane River. 

On any chosen weekends that you wish to spend out there at The Brasserie on The River, there is an unexpected treatment of fresh local seafood to serve your taste buds. There is also a featured a la carte menu in the middle of every week.

Special gift offers come nice and easy at this place. You can order online and avail of some amazing surprises. You never know there is a double bonanza stored in your luck! 

Contact Info: Cnr Edward & Margaret Streets, Brisbane, +61 7 3100 5749, Visit Website


#4 – Motion Bar and Grill Buffet at the Marriot

Motion Bar and Grill Buffet at the Marriot is a great welcome for those seafood gainers who like to indulge in the local seafood. The buffet served at Motion Dining is a classic example of a friendly retreat. 

Immerse yourself deep into the tasty smell of seafood prepared under the supervision of qualified chefs, who have experience in treating thousands. Order your favorite seafood, and it comes rushing on your table, with freshness intact. 

A wide range of seafood is served every Friday and Saturday nights. The Motion Bar and Grill is an amazing space for adults who love tasting kinds of seafood, and it happens to be a comfy signature dining for parents. You can make an advanced reservation if you desire. 

Contact info: 515 Queen Street, Brisbane 4000, Australia, +61 7 3303 8034 , Visit Website


#5 – Tempest Seafood Smorgasbord

Tempest is the most outrageously happening point for seafood lovers, strategically located on way to Morgans Seafood Market. There is a special arrangement made on the last Thursday of every month when guests are given a welcome with local seafood and fish. 

The exciting thing is that the seafood buffet is served to alternate with fruits, green salads, roasted chicken, and the lamb, besides the delicious desserts. If your eyes are rivetted on their regular buffet menu, you are going to catch the names of sushi, sashimi, blue swimmer crabs, nigri and natural oysters as well. 

The hot seafood menu of Tempest Seafood Smorgasbord offers guests with options like garlic prawns, beer-battered fish, steamed local fish, namprix baby octopus, salt and pepper squid, and crumbed prawn cutlets. Once you are at Tempest, you know the type of delectable treatment stored in. At the end of the day, you have great options lined up in the category of seafood.  

Contact Info: Boat Harbour, Bird Opassage Parade, Scarborough QLD 4020, Australia, +61 7 3203 5744, Visit Website


With a variety of seafood lined up in different recipes out there at buffet lunch and dinner, Brisbane knows the taste of its communities. Check out the seafood recipes at your favorite seafood buffet Brisbane, and make it the most delectable day of your entire life.

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