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An exclusive and complete guide for things to see & do in Brisbane on weekends (for locals & tourists)

We love going out on weekends – who doesn’t?! After all, we work hard all week and the weekend is our chance to refresh and rejuvenate before we start our routine work again the following week.

Although we all love outings and activities, sometimes it can be a daunting task to conjure up ideas. The same places and activities keep taking over our mind while there are hundreds of things to see and do in and around Brisbane. 

Do you wonder where to go or what to do every weekend? Do you get stuck with the same limited options that pass your mind again and again?

At Mediatimes, we often write about weekend ideas and things to see and do in Brisbane. But we had never thought of creating a complete guide for weekend ideas. Thanks to our own dilemma every single weekend, we thought why not create a weekend full guide which has everything anyone would ever need for weekend ideas on where to go or what to do?!

So, we present to you the weekend mega guide. This has pretty much every place to explore in Brisbane and every activity to do. It covers not just Brisbane but also areas near Brisbane which are up to 2 hrs drive away and which can easily be covered in a weekend. 

This eBook will save you a lot of hassle, and even arguments that you may have while discussing ideas. It will make your weekends much better and you will never have to worry about coming up with weekend ideas again. This guide has hundreds of ideas for you. 


eBook Fee is only $4.95  

(Your contribution to buying this eBook helps us promote our beautiful city of Brisbane and as a result, boost its economy. )

Brisbane weekend ideas


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