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Singapore may have one of the best garden ideas in the world but our own enchanted garden in Brisbane is no less than any of those charismatic gardens you may have seen elsewhere in the world.

Enchanted gardens located in Spectacle Gardens, Roma Street Parklands (near Brisbane city, Australia) come out alive in the nights of Christmas with variety of colourful lights shimmering in every corner of the garden making it a scene to watch.

Enchanted Garden in Brisbane is all about beauty, colours, lights and fun activities. This is a visual treat for the visitors and fun thing to do in Brisbane during Christmas.

As you will notice in the video below, there are smoke machines throwing mild smoke emerging from the source of light, there are board walks with spectacular lights on both sides and there are trees with variety of colourful lights.

So you may be thinking by now that this beautiful garden with such amazing light show must cost you good in tickets but there is a good news for you. It’s completely free entry to the enchanted garden!

The garden opens in the evening at 6:30 PM and it has been attracting a lot of visitors since it’s opening. Wander through at your own pace and soak it all up – it really is beautiful and you feel like you are in another world! Due to its popularity, patrons are sent through in waves, which means that although you may have to wait to get in, you will have less crowding inside which makes even more enjoyable.


The location is perfect. In the heart of Roma street Parklands which itself is located near the heart of the city. This means that it is well connected with busses and trains as major bus stops or train stations such as Roma street station are just few steps away.

Roma Street Parkland covers 16 hectares in the centre of Brisbane, Australia. The Roma Street Parkland is next to Brisbane Transit Centre and the Roma Street railway station from which it takes its name (they are just on the side of the parks).

There is pedestrian access to the Roma Street Parkland from the Roma Street railway station, as well as from Albert Street, and from the section of the Parkland which used to be called Albert Park, in Wickham Terrace. Some walks may be little steep or uphill so keep that in mind.

How to plan your day?

For both tourists and locals, this location is great because they can start their day with the city which is nearby. Head to Queen street mall first and browse the beautiful fashion showrooms, shipping centres, food courts, cafes and restaurants. There are plethora of shops to browse and plenty of food courts where you can relax in aircon and enjoy your food.

If you start your day around 2-3 pm then you can easily spend your time there on Queen street and surrounding areas till 6:00pm and that’s when you can start heading to Enchanted Gardens in Roma Parklands.

There are so many great events to get us all into the Christmas spirit, and this one is right up there with the best! Every night at 6:30pm leading up to Christmas, the switch is on for thousands of lights in the Spectacle Garden which transforms it into a magical and mystical forest. Hence, named as Enchanted gardens.

There are also other activities on at Roma St Parklands for the kids – from making your own bamboo lanterns and movies in the parklands at select times – check the website for more details! This really is a very impressive lightshow and it’s well worth the effort to get along to experience it for yourself!

This is really great news for Brisbanites because the more things to see in Brisbane we have better it is to live in this beautiful city. Not to mention, more great attractions means more visitors.

From 29 November to 13 December, the enchanted gardens come to life for all of us to visit.  The entire place will basically be looking it’s festive best, with glowing gardens, delicately-lit weeping figs and a shimmering rainforest. This year’s display will even involve strobe lighting, laser lights and a fog machine along the dedicated light trail.

If you are a couple looking for a romantic walk then this place is for you. If you wish to take some great photos with world’s best lightings in a garden format then this place if for you.

Another great attraction is the food trucks which are slowly becoming Australia’s favourites for any events or special locations.  Some of the foods you can find here are Burgers, Pizza, Ice cream, BBQ and more. There is a lot of space for you to grab your spot to eat with your loved ones.

When: Friday 29 November to Friday 13 December, 6.30pm–9.30pm (last entry at 9.15pm)
Where: Roma Street Parklands

Dates and times or other details are subject to change. 

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