Another 8 cases acquired overnight on first day of lockdown

Just over the night on the first day of lockdown March 29, another 8 cases of coronavirus were recorded. It is said by Premier Annasticia Palaszczuk that there are another 10 cases of coronavirus and 8 of these are locally acquired and the other two were still under investigation. 

One day after the authorities announced the three-day lockdown, just in one snap over the night the number of new cases increased. 

One of the infected was an unvaccinated nurse and also her sister. According to the investigation, both of them visited Byron Beach Hotel for a party, and during that time, they have no idea that they already have the virus. The nurse is the second infected health worker of  Princess Alexandra Hospital that caught the virus.

Premier Annasticia Palaszczuk and Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young give an update on ABC this morning.

The Premier said in an interview, “The good news is, these cases are linked and we now believe there are two distinct clusters. We have a cluster linked of course to that PA doctor, and we have a second cluster linked to the PA nurse.” 

The Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young assured the people that they are aware of all the community transmission and she also said that she will mandate anyone who is working with COVID-19 patients to have the vaccines as soon as possible.

The Premier did not announce the exact number of cases but she anticipates that they will see more cases. She also said that they are working overnight just to make sure that they are looking at the issues and for them to give an update to the people of Queensland.

It is not yet confirmed whether Brisbane will remain on lockdown for the Easter long weekend or not. People in Queensland should remain in their homes and wait for any announcements from authorities. 

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