International Student Numbers Hit New Record in Australia

The number of international students in Australia is more than ever before. This year, intake has hit a new record with 61,493 commencing courses which is the largest ever.

I am pretty sure universities will welcome the fact that students inflow is growing. Couple of years back the intakes dropped down to a very low. This caused a great concern amongst the universities. Australian government tried to take various majors to save the day for universities (universities in Brisbane) including relaxing some visa rules, running various welcome programs for universities and giving every possible support to the universities. After all, as we mentioned in the previous article, International Students Contribute $17.5bn To Australian Economy

The recent increase in intakes resulted in total 271,281 international students in higher education – the highest number ever recorded for the first quarter of a year.

There is also huge increase in intake of Indian students in recent past. At this stage, Indians Top The Immigration Queue For Australia

Overall, international student numbers are growing strongly this year, with a total of 413,032 enrolled in the first quarter – a figure which also includes students in vocational education, English language colleges, schools and non-award courses.

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