Winning Strategy for Your Business

Today the world of selling is different in many ways from what it used to be a few years back. Companies and businesses who are selling their products or services out there are increasing exponentially. And users come across thousands of products or services every year. Competition is huge and only a business strategy that acclimatise to the new environments can win.

Like Charles Darwin once said “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

So what’s your strategy to stand out of the crowd and make people remember your brand? What is the winning strategy for your business?

Well, here are some proven factors that will win the game for you.

1. Recognise your audience

Vikas from SEO Services Brisbane says that before you jump on to your other business activities, make sure you fully understand your audience to avoid pitfalls in future. When doing Search engine Optimisation, SEO experts usually do full keyword research and analyse target audience of their client, what they are searching online and their buying behaviours.

If you are an English Tutor, who is your audience? May be international students in your area! Narrow down your areas of expertise and understand the audience in each of them.

There might be travellers who want to learn English, locals who are originally from non-English speaking nations willing to learn fluent English or maybe just someone whose mother tongue is English, but wish to clear a particular English test and wish to learn advanced writing skills to clear the test or an interview. This is how you break down your audience and try to understand them.
If you don’t understand your audience, your business will fail.

2. Website

Many people launch their business with an ordinary website which surprises me the most. Website is one of the biggest selling tool any business can have. One big mistake businesses make is to launch a website which is not user friendly. Many times, users get lost on the site because of poor graphical user interface and bad navigational structure. Just like you invest a lot of time and money in preparing your business model, you should also invest good amount of time and money on your website. It will be your one of the best investments you would ever make in your business.

Content on your website is also an most important factor. A good blog on your site can do wonders. Remember, design helps but people follow the content not the design. The success of a blog is not because of its amazing design but because of the quality of the content.

3. Social Media

If I have to name one thing that is more important than anything else in current times to grow a business, it will be Social Media. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking channels are the tools to promote your business. They are the tools to expand a business. Success in these platforms plays a major roles in the success of the businesses these days. If you have found your target audience, do not forget to set up social channels to retain them, reach out to them and spread the words.

4. Reach your audience

Once you have a good understanding of your target audience, try to find the methods to reach out to them. Where can you find these potential customers? Carrying on with the same example, you may find students in an international students meet up, institutes, student forums, etc. travellers can be found on sites like, local meet ups of travelers and so on. Social channels are a great way to reach out to your audience.

5. Give Value

Before you sell, give value. This should be the mantra of your business because this is the success mantra of the successful businesses today. So you should not forget it too! You can give value to your customers by a million ways.

Help them learn. Start a blog, a workshop, or give away free books. It is up to you, but many successful businesses these days are helping their customers learn more and indirectly attracting them towards their products. Videos can be a great way to teach them about new stuff, or about your product. Whiteboard animation, Vlogs (video blogs), or other informative videos can help.

Entertain them. Create some interesting stories around your product, it can be funny, informative or adventurous considering what your product is and keep your customers entertained. This way they will remember your brand name and keep your product in mind.

For instance, a successful home renovation brand runs various free workshops to teach people how to fix basic things at home, run a blog to teach them how to be creative with your home, and provide them beautiful home ideas.

Give Away something. People like free stuff! Let’s accept it, we all do. Giving value via free stuff (product samples, informative document, free book, & more) is the best way to attract or buy customers’ loyalty. First win you customer’s heart and then sell. Half the time, you won’t even need to sell them directly because you have already sold your product to them in many cases by winning their hearts.

In short, give value to your customers and they will remember you.