10 Reasons Why Reading Is Important

reasons why reading is importantReading has been a pastime for generations, but has it become an outdated hobby?  In this day in age where there are a million other things to do, you may want to ask yourself why you would want to pick up a book. It seems like everybody tries to encourage and glorify the pastime of reading so much that “someone who reads” has become synonymous to “someone who is smart and cultured,” but is reading really all that it’s hyped up to be?

While there are countless ways that reading can benefit you, especially on a personal level, these are the top reasons why people think reading is great.

  1. Cut the cord!

One of the best parts about reading compared to other pastimes is that it is relatively inexpensive. Sites like bookboon.com offer plethora of free e-books on variety of topics to read. While an e-reader is always an option, the good-old fashioned printed books give you a good break from screen time that never need to be charged!

  1. Exercise your creative mind!

Luke from Books & Gifts Direct says “What really separates the experience you get from reading compared to other media is that you have to generate those internal, mental images on your own. This is a great way to train your imagination and work to exercise your creative capabilities“

  1. Increase your vocabulary!

It makes sense, the more opportunity you have to see new words, the more words you’ll know! Many people say that reading is the best way to increase your vocabulary in a fun and entertaining way!

  1. Relax!

Reading is a great way to calm down and participate in a pleasant activity that can elevate your mood. Whether you are looking to reduce stress or just unwind, reading is an easy thing to try out! This can be especially great for people looking for a nice hobby to try before bed. It keeps you occupied without setting your body off to stay awake like a computer or smartphone does.

  1. Enhance your memory.

Studies show that reading can significantly improve your memory performance! This can help you all throughout your everyday life -both in social and academic aspects.

  1. Improve your concentration!

Some people may find it hard to keep focus on reading when they are so used to a million different distractions and much more flashy activities. Once you get your reading mind-set on, you will find that you will be able to concentrate on any and everything a lot easier!

  1. Become a better writer.

Reading is the number-one pastime for many successful authors. When you read regularly, you get exposed to many different things that just may spark inspiration. Other people’s work is a great way to get rid of writer’s block! You will find that new ideas and even better writing styles will come much easier to you when you read more.

  1. Give your brain a work out!

Just like any other part of the body, your brain needs exercise too! Mental stimulation is important for keeping your mind sharp! It is a productive way to keep you from getting bored and mental stimulation is thought of as a necessity rather than a luxury.

  1. Improve your grades!

All of these benefits do wonders for your overall intelligence as well as your school performance. There is a reason that you always think of smart kids as those who read in their spare time. Reading for leisure is a great way to prep yourself for academic reading as well as improve your mind!

  1. Become part of a wonderful community!

Once you start getting into reading, you gain membership to a lovely community full of like minded individuals. There are endless books to read, and it is unlikely that you are the first and only person to read and enjoy a published piece. There is a reason some of the biggest fandoms are based around books and they are an enjoyable thing to become a part of.

There are a multitude of benefits when it comes to reading. In this day in age where we are run by screens, why not take a break with some good old-fashioned reading. Don’t take our word for it, pick up a book and try it out for yourself! There is a genre for everyone and countless stories you have yet to encounter!

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