Must-Follow Aussie Social Media Influencers for 2018

Aussie Social Media influencer

They’re inspiring. They’re adventurous. They call out their followers to live every day to the fullest, and to explore their potential to the fullest. They enjoy what’s arguably the best job in the world! They’re influences. And what’s more, they’re doing everything needed to be available to brands for their influencer marketing campaigns!

Digital marketing is at its peak in Australia, and that’s exactly why now’s the best time for digital marketers to make the most of influencer marketing campaigns. Here’s a quick introduction to some inspirational, successful, and follow-worthy influencers from the land Down Under.

Renee And Elisha Herbert

If fashion, travel, and style are the niches you wish to operate in, these Herbert sisters are the perfect starting point for your influencer outreach. These twin sisters have been globe-trotting, and manage their individual modelling careers alongside. With over a million followers among themselves, the Herbert sisters have the backing of numbers that could make your marketing campaigns super successful. Modelling success came to the twins once they were spotted from Instagram posts, and there’s been no looking back ever since. Because they blend travel and style niches, the Herbert sisters have been able to differentiate themselves from several other influencers.

Vikas Rana

Vikas Rana is a Brisbane based entrepreneur, digital marketer, founder of WebsiteFix Digital, and founder of Mediatimes . He came to Australia as an international student in 2007 and currently runs multiple ventures. His websites rank high in search engines and attracts thousands of visitors every month. Vikas also started  Indians in Australia Facebook page few years back which currently has 11K+ active users and counting. He also owns International students in Australia Facebook page with 3k+ active users. Similarly, his twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube following is in thousands. Vikas has a combined following of 250K+ users and counting.

Roxy Elise Davis-Jacenko

Best known for her appearance on the 3rd season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, Roxy is among the most coveted influencers Down Under. She’s the director of noted PR firm Sweaty Betty PR. She’s a successful businesswoman, a media personality, socialite, and author. With more than 200k social media followers, and because of her penchant for being in the news, Roxy is among the most successful influencers in Australia. For any brands with products focused at the premium segment, Roxy embodies the perfect influencer persona.

Jessica Sepel

Jessica Sepel is among the most renowned voices from the health, nutrition, personal wellness, and self help space in Australian media. Her mind blowing healthy recipes are a hit among followers. Jessica is a frequent contributor in Vogue Australia, apart from several international publications. Her JSHealth program aims at helping people quit diets, attain balanced weight, and live a wholesome healthy life. Jessica has 168k Instagram followers; apart from inspiring thousands to follow a healthy lifestyle, Jessica is also a trendsetter in the health and fitness niche, and hence, a must-follow influencers for brands operating in this niche.

Alex Hayes

Here’s your signature Aussie influencer, Alex Hayes, a GoPro ambassador, bearer of a wide toothed smile, and an enviable shredded body. It’s hardly a surprise that his Instagram followers keep on surging (600k now). Surfer boy Alex shot to fame with a shark-selfie, which later turned out to be fake! However, he’s not a social media heartthrob, primarily because of his very original style. For brands that think of themselves as trend breakers, quirky, adventurous, and bright, Alex Hayes is the perfect influencer to follow to be in the think of things.

Lauren Bullen

Also known as Gypsea Lust, Lauren enjoys .9 million social media followers. She’s elevated the travel blogging game to altogether new heights. With her creative imagery, expert photography, and of course, inspiringly well-toned body, she’s a heartthrob already. Lauren travels the world, and inspires her followers to do so. Purely because of her powerful imagery, she is a must-follow Aussie influencer for digital marketing brands in 2018.

Are You A Influencer? Get Started With These Quick Tips

If you are an influencer then you can too become a social media rock star just like your Aussie counterparts. Start following below tips:

  • Find your niche and start reaching people with something extraordinary.
  • Create a profile on sites like as it can lead to more influencer marketing opportunities.
  • Try and perfect 2-3 social media channels because having 50K followers on Twitter is much better than having 2K fans on FB and 5K followers on Instagram.
  • Always have a proper content marketing strategy and stick to a plan for getting the maximum momentum.
  • Always provide value from your work. You should not promote products but instead you should advise products that are helpful for your community.

Concluding Remarks

Aussie influencers are setting the right examples with their charms, creativity, skills, inimitable styles, and a sense of adventure. As brands continue to embrace visual marketing, tangential marketing, and social media marketing, these influencers deserve all their attention throughout 2018.