4 SEO Tips to Optimise your WordPress Website for Search Engines

Firstly, if you are not sure what SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is then you can watch this video on What is SEO? on YouTube before reading further or see below.

So, you have a had a WordPress for a while now you think it’s doing well, but is it really? How do you tell? Ensuring your WordPress is maintained correctly will not only direct traffic to your site, but will also grow your business significantly. These tips and tricks will have you running your WordPress like a pro in no time!


Install an SEO Plugin

If you aren’t able to hire a professional SEO to help with your WordPress or website, consider a WordPress SEO plugin such as Yoast SEO. This plugin can at least cover the basics for you without too much of a time investment. Installing a plugin can help you to ensure that your content displays correctly in search results, and can also give you a quick idea of the overall quality of your content. It also has the ability to help your content be displayed correctly when shared on social media. If you need professional help with SEO services, as it is of such vital importance to any business, consider a professional service such as SEO Services Brisbane You can also checkout the best SEO plugins for WordPress to see if any other plugins suits your needs.

Install Google Analytics

This is an absolute essential that will help you optimise your website in endless ways. You will be able to get incredible detail about everything your visitors and doing and how many you are getting, not to mention exact traffic data. You will get information on what pages they visit, how long they are on those pays and what browser they are using when they visit. All this information will help you to correctly optimise your website to suit the majority of your visitors, and tell you what is working and what isn’t.


Use a Content Delivery

A content delivery network is basically a middleman between your website and your visitors. This middle man will store a copy of the static elements of your website and replicate this data across a fleet of their own data centres around the world. When a visitor goes to your website, they will actually be loading a great majority of the data from the nearest CDN data centre to their location, rather than having to wait for it to load from your original server. Basically, this means your website will be super-fast!


Install an image optimiser

Images account for around 50 percent of your websites loading time. By optimising your images, you can decrease the weight of your website significantly, making it much faster to load, and able to handle more simultaneous traffic. The first thing to do would be using Adobe Photoshop, which will take a great deal of time and knowledge. The second option is to install an image optimisation plugin such as WP Smush on your WordPress website, which is an entirely free process.

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