Google Plus Basics For Beginners

Why Google Plus?

Before proceeding to Basics to learn using Google plus, its important to understand the benefits of this social networking site.

Many people may ask the question that why use Google plus when they are already on facebook and all their friends are on facebook or they might already be using some other social site like twitter, linkedin or Instagram. Well, biggest advantage of Google+ , as the name suggest is that it is connected with Google.

If you have a website, it’s good to share your website content on Google plus. It helps in your rankings in Google search. Though it does not directly affect your ranking but it is believed to be a good social signal for Google. So if you want to rank in Google search results, start using Google plus.

Further, if you have blogs in your business website, you can add your google plus profile to your author profile on your website. This increases the trust factor and you come into reliable websites list of Google.

Furthermore, Google plus has millions of users and its growing very fast. So if you want to increase the presence of your business, its best to start using Google plus.

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One unique thing about google plus that differentiate it from other social networking sites like facebook and twitter is ‘Circles’.  Circles let you group people together based on categories. For instance, you can make a circles such as ‘college friends’, ‘business friends’, ‘best mates’ and so on. The idea is to group a certain type of people together.

The benefit of circles is that you can decide who will see your updates. If you share a particular picture or status update, you can chose the circle who will see that picture. You can of course also keep it public or to all the people who are following you.

Adding People to circles

  1. Open Google plus and click on the menu at the top left corner of your home page.
  2. Click on People
  3. Google plus will give you suggestions (People you may know).
  4. Click on the add button below each profile pic to add them to your circles.

Further, in the same People section (as explained above), you can click on ‘your circles’ to see your circles and people in those circles. You can even move the people to a particular circle from this page by just drag and drop.

Customise your profile information by circles

You can decide who can see each piece of your personal information on your profile. For instance, your relationship information could be visible to only your friends circle, while information related to your jobs and employment history could be visible to your professional circle.

Sharing Updates

Status update allows you to share text, photos, video or link with your circles. While sharing, you will have the option in TO: section where you can select the circles with whom you want to share that particular update.

Mentioning People in your posts

You have the option to mention some other google plus user in your post. You can do this by using ‘+’ or ‘@’ followed by the name of that user. The person you mentioned in your post will be notified about this and they can see the post on which you mentioned his/her name.

What is +1 in Google plus?

+1 is something similar to the ‘Like’ button in Facebook. SO if you like a post of a user, you can +1 the post. The posts that get most +1 is more likely to appear above other posts in your news feed. When you +1 a post, people in your circles may see this +1 activity in their stream.

Choosing who can comment on your posts

You have the option in settings where you can select the circles who can comment on your public posts.

  1. Go to menu in top left corner on home page
  2. Click on settings
  3. In the section ‘Who can comment on your public posts?’ click on drop down and choose from the given options