Lockdown continues in Greater Brisbane

It’s been two days since the 3-day lockdown was announced in Queensland. Today March 31, the lockdown continues and the people are still waiting for the update on whether it will be extended or lifted. 

“The signs for Easter are looking positive”, this is what the Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk said during the interview this morning, giving updates to the people. She also said that tomorrow Thursday, April 1 at 9am, will be the waited announcement for the decision in regards to the lockdown.

There are another 3 new positive cases overnight. According to the investigation, one of them was on a hotel quarantine and the other two were locally transmitted.

It is said that the two persons infected were linked from someone in the  Princess Alexandra Hospital. Everything started when a returned traveler from India infected the nurse from the said hospital. The nurse attended a party at Byron bay and passed the virus to the other attendees of the party. 

As a piece of good news, the Premier shared that there are no unidentified community cases so this means that there is a big chance that they will be lifting the lockdown in Greater Brisbane.  They are hopeful of sharing this with the public for Easter, but also this will depend on the rates of the cases for the coming 24hrs. They also assured the people that they will give an update on Thursday at 9am.

Two attendees of the party were at Toowoomba and Bundaberg hospitals having their treatment, this is confirmed by Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young.

The latest update to the number of people who got vaccinated in Queensland is more than 33,000 now. They are still monitoring thousands of people in Brisbane to make sure that they will be updated as contact tracers and can provide updates and the right information to the people. 

Brisbane, including the Gold Coast, Gladstone, Gin Gin, and Toowoomba are the areas that have been added to the tracing hit list.

People are now looking forward to the announcements today and tomorrow, hoping the lockdown might be lifted for Easter.


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