3 Questions You Must Ask Yourself as an International Student in Australia

1. Am I still on my purpose?

Almost every international student arrives in Australia with a purpose or with a specific intention in mind. However, I often see that these dreams are buried after a while and most of the times circumstances and situations are blamed for the current reality.

It is very normal and easy to be swayed away in some other direction due to a variety of temptations. For instance, a lot of international students arrive in Australia with a dream of creating an amazing lifestyle and gaining Permanent Residency in Australia, however, they often get stuck in the vicious circle of making money. Do not forget that money is a vehicle, but your destination could be different. Ask yourself “Why did I really come to Australia”? Ask yourself “Whether my everyday tasks are taking me one step closer to my dream and purpose every single day”.

If you are off the track, I highly recommend you to stop, take a deep breath and reassess yourself. Do a self-analysis and be honest to yourself. Start doing things which will take you to where you really want to be. There is no bigger fulfillment and satisfaction in life other than knowing that you are progressing towards your dream.

2. Am I into a “Learning Mode”?

If you are not learning, you are dying. The moment you step in Australia, you have been exposed to this whole new world. Believe in yourself! Trust me, you are very brave. Deciding to come to Australia and starting from a scratch is a hell lot of big step in itself. I seriously have a huge respect for each and every single international student.

If you are living in Australia as an international student, the biggest trap you can fall in is “Monotonous routine”. Doing the same thing every single day will turn you into a machine. You are a human being, not a machine.

Progress, learning, creating new things will make you happy. Study vocational courses, Read books on personal development, ask questions, meet new people, face your fears, and take measured risks. Keep going! Something unpleasant happens, acknowledge it, get over it and keep learning.

Learning is important for your “Happiness”. If you stop learning, after a while you may find yourself depressed or as a failure.


3. Am I taking care of my health?

There is an old saying “Health is Wealth”. It is so true! You may have all the money, resources and comfort in the world, but if you are energy and health deprived, all the material wealth is useless.

How do you feel when you have a fever, cold or a headache? The only thing that matters to you at that point is your health. Isn’t it? You just want to feel alright. The problem is that we don’t realise that how important our health and fitness is unless we get sick.

Back in your home countries, I am completely aware that for the majority of you, food and health issues barely exist. There is always mum, dad or siblings who would take care of your health and daily meals, but Australia could be a completely different experience if you are here as an international student. If you get sick here in Australia, a lot of troubles might come up for you. Make it a priority to look after yourself.

Once you are in Australia, 100% responsibility to take care of your health lies with you. You always have a choice! You can either consume fast-food and other unhealthy fried stuff all the time or you can choose to eat something healthy like soup, salads, and veggies. There needs to be a balance between junk and healthy food. Do not neglect your health! I highly encourage you to take care of yourself. Start valuing yourself! If you can’t help yourself, forget about taking care of someone else.

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Shivi Bhalla is an Entrepreneur and a leading authority for international students in Australia. Shivi’s whole obsession lies in serving and bringing massive positive transformation in the lives of international students. He makes it happen by providing them with right strategies and advanced tools specifically related to communication, networking and decision making skills. He moves people with his own incredible story as a past international student in Australia himself.