3 Stress Busting Tips For International Students

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Here are 3 ways to stop feeling Overwhelmed, Stressed and Anxiety as an International Student.

1. Learn to say “No”

This is because sometimes saying “No” is the key to Happiness. If you are always saying “Yes” to everything and everybody around you, then you are probably living a life full of stress and frustration.

It is very common that we make a plan or an agenda for the day and someone asks you to accompany them somewhere or somebody invites you for a party and you end up saying “YES”. In the moment it might feel good to say “YES” and feel excited about the party or your friend’s plan but not sticking to your own original plan and schedule for that day will later bring a sense of guilt and frustration in the long run and this eventually will become the reason for your “unhappiness”.

Don’t be a people pleaser. Don’t be someone who always tries to keep others happy except you? Every day is important as an International student. I highly encourage you to stick to your plans and commitments. Don’t let other people and your own feelings drag you off from your vision and goals.

When you say “NO” to someone, they might feel bad or upset in the moment but trust me they will respect you at a much higher level later.

2. Plan/Schedule strategically:

This is extremely important and at the same time a very important question that you need to ask yourself! Are you being run by someone else’s agenda or you are in control of your agenda every day?

The importance of planning cannot be overlooked and is definitely required to avoid stress and anxiety. You may choose to make a long to-do list but the chances are that it will make you overwhelmed and you will actually look for distractions and you won’t get the things done you need to.

My biggest encouragement to you is to get 3 most important and difficult things on your agenda before you start your day. Get them done first. Natural human tendency is to do easy things first. What happens is that by following our default tendency, we actually never get big things done and we keep procrastinating. Have you been a victim of that?? I haveJ

I can assure you that if you get the most important things done first, you will simply have an “AWESOME DAY”.

3. Take a break often

If you really want to work at your peak level and perform at your best, you must take breaks quite often. You don’t need to go on long holidays all the time. I always encourage people to go on a long drive, maybe go to an amusement or adventurous park, spend couple of days near a beach or a quiet town; basically connecting with nature and refreshing your mind.

Remember we are humans, we are not Robots!  Do not work like a machine! International students often become the victim of work holism and often burn out from working too much which can eventually result at a higher level of stress and sometimes even depression.

Ask yourself now!! Do I need a BREAK?

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Shivi Bhalla is an Entrepreneur and a leading authority for international students in Australia. Shivi’s whole obsession lies in serving and bringing massive positive transformation in the lives of international students. He makes it happen by providing them with right strategies and advanced tools specifically related to communication, networking and decision making skills. He moves people with his own incredible story as a past international student in Australia himself.