Giveaways in Brisbane’s CBD giveaway offers

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Meanwhile, in Brisbane’s Central Business District, they offer a lot of freebies from tomorrow to attract workers back into Brisbane’s CBD on Fridays.

A joint six-week campaign called “Fridays in the City” was launched by the Brisbane City Council and CBD building managers, landlords, and retailers. Jen Williams, a Property Council Queensland deputy executive director said that due to people who continued to work from home, Fridays had turned into the quietest day of the week.

She said, “It’s the best day of the working week, it’s a more casual day. It’s the day where you go out to lunch with a friend, you stay after work for dinner.”

She added that if people are going to work from the city then she would say make Fridays the day. They can expect things like free breakfast bags, coffee… [and] exercise classes. There are herb plants, juices … there’s even a psychic and Tarot readers in one building. Live performances would also be offered, Ms. Williams said.

Working  from home has a ‘huge impact’ on retail

The Wintergarden is offering up to $20,000 worth of prizes and the traders will be launching sales and competitions.

The occupancy of Brisbane City was sitting around 60-to-65 percentage and it had been there for about five months, Ms. Williams added.

She said, “COVID has accelerated the move towards flexible or hybrid working and people are choosing … [to make] Mondays and Fridays their stay-at-home days.”

The trend was having, “huge flow-on impacts” with the reduced foot traffic putting a strain on retail and hospitality, Ms. William added. 

This program will run from today until next month June 25.

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