Budget Beauty – 7 Amazing Alternative Uses For Nappy Rash Cream

Budget Beauty - 7 Amazing Alternative Uses For Nappy Rash CreamWhether you’re a budding minimalist or a busy parent who hasn’t had time to make it to the shops, it’s always handy to have some multi-purpose marvels in your medicine cabinet. Humble nappy rash cream is exactly that! We have combined the secret knowledge of mothers around Australia to write a list of seven unique and unexpected uses for this cream (that don’t involve a baby’s bottom). Without further ado, let’s begin.



It may go against the grain to dot nappy rash cream on your face. After all, it is so thick it seems like it would clog up your pores. However, it is famed for reducing the size and redness of zits and helping to unclog pores overnight. Just remember to wash your face before you open the door to receive deliveries or visitors!


Soothe Sunburn

If a day out at the local park has left you looking more lobster than sun-kissed, a light sheen of nappy rash cream will soothe the uncomfortable sensation. Not only that, but the high level of zinc oxide will fast track your skin’s healing. If you are applying it at night, make sure you sleep with a towel over your pillow (or your entire bed if it’s a full-body burn).


Healing wounds

Did one of your kids come off their bike on the gravel? Or maybe you were in a rush shaving your legs and want to heal the cut quick-sticks before your evening out with the girls. Nappy rash cream includes the aforementioned zinc, which works as an antibacterial agent and anti-inflammatory, giving your body the boost it needs to repair skin cells. 


DIY Face Mask

Because nappy rash cream is so moisturising, it can make a quick and easy face mask. It will also prevent the buildup of sebum, which is the oily, waxy substance that your body’s glands produce. Excess sebum can cause you to have an oily face or T-zone, which can lead to blemishes.


Removes Hair Dye Stains

If you are dying your hair at home, you know the pain of ending up with dye stains around your hairline or in the crease of your ear. It turns out you have had a fantastic home remedy in your cupboard all along! Give it a go next time you turn your bathroom into a hair salon.


Dry Skin Remedy

Many of us have had to give up our regular beauticians appointments over the last 12 months. If the long months of minimal social contact have left you with dry, cracked, horrible heels or elbows that look like the hide of an elephant, slather them with nappy rash cream. 

It’s ideal to put this DIY treatment on while watching TV or reading in the evening so you can let it soak in. Alternatively, pop some on your feet under socks when you are heading to bed. A friend of mine swears by a once a week overnight foot treatment through the winter months for silky smooth tootsies.


Doggy Discomfort

Humans aren’t the only ones who can benefit from the wonders of nappy rash cream. Next time your dog gets a dry patch or some tail chafing, try using some nappy rash cream to soothe their discomfort and fast-track healing. 

Whether you have a baby at home or you still have a drawer packed full of hospital samples and unfinished jars from when your children were small, it is time to discover the untapped wonders of nappy rash cream. What is your favourite unusual use for a common household product? Feel free to let us know in the comments. 

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