A Guide to Find Promotional Umbrellas for an Outdoor Event     

Promotional items can help your company gain the necessary exposure and spread the word about your brand. Marketing events are an integral part of product campaigns, and one of the best ways of making your presence felt at an outdoor event is to give out appropriate promotional items. Promotional umbrellas fit the bill perfectly as it is an essential tool to protect the guests from the elements of weather, just in case the sun is too strong, or there is a rain forecast.

Moreover, the amount of space that an open umbrella provides is more than enough to print your brand logo, motto, and contact details. Here are some ways to buy the right promotional umbrellas for your outdoor events.


Color of the Umbrella

An open umbrella, if designed well, can become a great fashion accessory. As umbrellas are an important tool of daily use, you can constantly ensure that they will stay in front of the public eye. But that will only happen if the umbrella looks good and has a striking color or pattern.

Please choose a color that compliments the color in the brand logo, but do not let it be so overpowering that it hides the text. The umbrella’s shade should be just right enough to highlight your company information and yet stands out as a fashionable accessory in its own right.


Consumer Demographic

Is the product or service advertised in the promotional event meant only for men, women, or both? If the promotional event is attended by women only, you can choose an umbrella with softer color palettes and intricate motifs and patterns.

If the event is going to be attended by men, then you can choose them likewise. However, ideally, you should choose umbrellas in neutral colors so that they are appropriate for use by both men and women. You do not need to worry about wrongly addressing anyone in the audience. Try not to use flashy colors or loud prints, especially if it is a corporate event.


Timing of the Giveaway

It would be best if you gave some thought as to when you will distribute the umbrellas at the event. Are you going to give away the umbrellas at the beginning of the event? It is better to do so if there is a rain forecast.

In this case, many of them will be opening their umbrellas. Considering the promotional event will invariably have a photoshoot crew, an aerial shot of the open umbrellas displaying your brand and logo will result in an ideal promotional click.

Alternately, if you are giving the umbrellas away at the end of the event, you should see they come in nice umbrella covers to look more like the gifts you are handing to them.

If you wish your promotional gifts to stand out, you can also opt for customized umbrellas, which are made entirely according to specifications. You can have them made in your brand colors, or the umbrella cloth itself can have a customized designer pattern. Based on these factors, you will be able to choose the right promotional umbrellas for your outdoor event.

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