How To Promote Your Business on Facebook


Facebook is an important tool to promote your business as millions of people access this social networking site every day. With such a huge user base, you don’t want to miss the opportunity to promote your business.

A business facebook page

A business facebook page is a must. Further, try to get as much followers as possible. You can do this by posting regularly on your page, asking your customers to like your facebook page, including facebook page link to your marketing materials/emails, or advertising on facebook itself.

Once you get a large number of followers, you can post regular updates informing your customers about your latest products, offers, or any other new updates. This is the cheapest way to market your business.

facebook company page

However, recently Facebook has decreased the organic reach for pages. So from now on, to be seen in your follower’s news feed, you have to spend some money on Facebook ads.

There are various options available in Facebook ads such as

  1. Page Post Engagement: Here you can boost your posts to reach more people. Engagement includes likes for your posts, shares, and photo views.
  2. Page Likes: Here you can create an ad so that people can visit and Like your page to get regular feeds from your business in future. This way you can connect with more people who matter to your business.
  3. Clicks to Website: Here you can send people to important places on your website which can be your product page on your website from where people can buy your product or services page. This can give more exposure to the important pages on your website.

You can get more info on

Facebook ads are a great way to give more exposure to your brand, to your website, to sell your products or simply to stay connected with your audience. Many businesses are doing very well by promoting their business via Facebook.  Advertise or not, make sure you are actively making use of facebook in every possible way to help your business grow.

If you have registered your business in a business directory, then don’t forget to add a link from your profile in that business directory to this Facebook page.