Donald Trump – 45th President of the United States!

US election Donald Trump

Republican Donald Trump has defeated his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the US election and will become the 45th President of the United States, ABC election Analyst Antony Green says.

Mr Trump took to the stage to speak to supporters at his New York headquarters, and said he had taken a call from Mrs Clinton, who will not be speaking publicly this evening.

“She congratulated us and I congratulated her on a very very hard fought campaign. We owe her a major debt of gratitude to for her service to our country,” he said.

Mr Trump said his pledge “to every citizen of our land” was to “be President for all Americans”.

“Now it’s time for America to bind the wounds of division,” he said.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta earlier told a room full of her supporters in New York that she would not be speaking tonight.

“You should get some sleep. We’ll have more to say tomorrow,” he said.

The shock result came after opinion polls over the weekend showed Mrs Clinton went into polling day with the advantage over her Republican rival.

Both candidates had early victories but Mr Trump picked up the key battleground states of Ohio, Florida and North Carolina.

The GOP are also predicted to hold onto a majority in the House and gain control of the Senate.