9 Tips For Beautiful Skin

1. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Get Some Rest

According to John from Urbane Man, the key to not looking tired? It’s…not being tired! Though we do understand it easier to say this then done. Do whatever you can to get in seven to eight hours a night and your skin—including those pesky undereye bags! —will look noticeably better. Trust us: Sleep offers the kind of results that no face cream can mimic.

Follow skincare tips to keep your skin healthy.

2. Magnesium 

Using magnesium products like Magnesium moisturizer and magnesium flakes in your bath can help. Magnesium is important for your body and skin and it is a healthier alternative to using cosmetics we have in the market which are usually full of harmful chemicals.

3. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Snack on Citrus

Need a little detox? Lemons support your liver and kidneys, and there’s a clear connection between healthy organs and healthy skin. Vitamin C-rich foods such as oranges may help prevent wrinkles, too.

4. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Massage in Your Moisturizer

When we say massage, we mean massage. Rather than dabbing on your face cream, use gentle pressure, massaging it into your skin in a circular motion. Do the same when you wash your face. This simple trick will kick your circulation into high gear. Plus, it feels so good. For Men, using moisturizer for men can help improve the skin moisture hence leaving it glowing.  For eye skincare, using eye cream for men can help. The eye creams are specially designed for the sensitive skin around our skin.

5. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Family History

As per Angel Eyes Studio,  it is very important to protect your skin however sometimes family history can play a part as well. For instance, one of the most common skin condition- Eczema is an inflammation of the skin, usually causing itching and sometimes accompanied by crusting, scaling or blisters. Eczema is the most common in people with a family history of an atopic disorder, including asthma or hay fever. It is recommended to always see your medical practitioner for advice on Eczema or Eczema Cream or psoriasis cream.

6. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Get Busy in the Bedroom

Talk about feeling good: Having sex releases endorphins that give you that special glow nothing else seems to replicate (although Nars blush in Orgasm, $28, comes pretty close, as the name would suggest).

7. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Use a Pore Strip

In the same way, popping a zit has that instant gratification, peeling off a pore strip provides a similar release. Try perennial favourite Bioré Pore Strips, $9, to get the gunk out once a week and watch your pores clear right before your eyes.

8. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Eat Chocolate—Seriously!

We know, we know—everyone always says chocolate causes acne. But there’s no scientific proof on that front, so as far as we’re concerned, eat up! Dark chocolate helps your skin because it is full of antioxidants that help protect your skin, and eating a small piece will send all sorts of satisfied, happy feelings to your brain.

9. Feel-Good Skin Care Tip: Exercise

Another reason to take that extra Spin class: A good workout doesn’t just burn calories, it also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin. Hate going to the gym? Start a dance party—even if you’re the only one busting a move! Turn up the Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, get your blood flowing and have a blast doing it. Your skin will thank you!

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