Solo Travelling: How to Reassure Your Parents

travel website tipsSolo travelling will teach you more about planet earth than your school ever could, and it’ll teach you more about yourself than your home ever could. If you want to go out there and see the world, you seriously shouldn’t let anybody or anything stop you… not even your parents. Naturally, they will worry about your safety and they will fret about where you go and who you meet along the way. Ultimately, though, you’re an adult and you’re entitled to make your own decisions in life. Quite simply, if you want to go, go!

Be sure to take your parents’ concerns into consideration when you do decide to go, though. They’ve devoted their lives to loving and raising you, so that’s the very least that they deserve.

Here’s what you can do to measure your parents when you decide to embark on a solo travelling adventure:

Understand their worries

After you inform your parents of your plans to travel solo, you should instantly brace yourself for them to share their worries with you. This is always going to be their natural response, so don’t expect anything less. More importantly, don’t tell them not to worry. That will only exasperate the situation, and it could even result in your parents worrying even more. Instead, talk to them, seek to understand their worries, take in what they say, acknowledge their concerns, and, whatever you do, don’t engage in an argument. Tell them that you know they’re going to worry either way, and you appreciate the fact that they are, in fact, worried. These little acknowledgements on your part will go a long way in reassuring them that you are adult enough to understand the situation and, subsequently, look after yourself.

Share details of your travelling plans with them

Knowing where you are (in a general sense, not a literal one) at all times will help your parents to digest your travelling plans a lot easier. You should, then, be sure to share details of your plans with them. From the hotels you are staying at to the flights you are taking, try to be as informative as you can when it comes to letting them know where you are planning to go in the world, and when you are planning to go to these places.

In order to stop them from overthinking the situation, try to break down your travelling plans into smaller chunks. Don’t tell them you are going to be on the road for months (or even years) on end. Tell them you are going to spending X amount of time in Y, before moving on and spending more time somewhere else.

Set them up with a way of getting into contact with you

Knowing that they will be able to talk to you no matter where your adventures take you will be sure to reassure your parents. Before you set off on your travels, then, make sure you set them up with a way of getting into contact with you.

First of all, you should provide them with the contact details of all the different hotels and hostels that you have booked during the initial stages of your travels. Even if they never actually get into contact with the places that you stay, just knowing that they can should they ever need to will no doubt ease their worries.

It is more important, however, to provide your parents with your own personal contact details. Being able to get in touch with you directly will make them feel far more comfortable with the situation, mainly because the distance between you and them won’t feel as wide. Even if you’re literally half the world away, sharing a phone or video call with your parents will make them feel like they’re right there by your side.

If your parents aren’t particularly up-to-date with regards to the latest communicative tech, you should take it upon yourself to set them up with a way in which to call you. This could mean changing their phone service provider to ensure that they can make international calls, or this could mean activating their FaceTime or Skype accounts so that you can video chat with one another. Whatever you need to do to ensure that your parents can contact you as and when they feel the urge to do so, do it. It’ll make them a lot happier, and it could even cure any bouts of homesickness that you endure while you are away.

Don’t let your parents stop you from venturing out into the world. When you do embark on a solo travelling adventure, though, just be sure to take the above advice and reassure them as best as you can.

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