How to Get Yourself Noticed on the Internet

how to get noticed on internet

The online market of companies, people, and ideas is almost infinitely huge. It might seem impossible to be able to raise your head above the tide and catch a breath, especially if you haven’t had an established online presence for very long, if at all. It can be daunting trying to get yourself or your business seen when you’re just starting, so here are a few tips on what you should focus on to get yourself noticed on the internet.

The Importance of Great Design

Whether you’re planning on creating an online business or becoming an internet influencer, the first thing people will notice is the cosmetic appearance of your online spaces. No matter how superior your product or service, poor designs on your site can be surprisingly off-putting to online visitors. There are a few vital elements of a good digital appearance that are worth teaching yourself about in order to impress on the internet.

  • User interface (UI) and user experience (UX) will make your online spaces feel smoother and simpler, making the experience of using your site a pleasure.
  • Logos and consistent branding will help to imprint the identity of your brand (business or personal) into the memories of your online visitors.
  • Colour theory, while not specifically internet related, is vital for an attractive online presence as it ties in with UI, UX and branding – the colour relationships between links, text, clickable areas and backgrounds can make a world of difference in making the right impression.

Cater to Algorithms

In the same way that cookies make internet experiences more personal and that store location on a street influences foot traffic, internet algorithms have a lot of sway over who sees your business, content, or profile. Find out more about these algorithms and the theories driving them to ensure that more people are aware of your website. By paying attention to the trends and patterns observed online, you’ll be able to set yourself up for more successes.

Know Your Audience

Are you a start-up? An established business? An individual or influencer? No matter what stage you are at in your online career it’s never too early or too late to re-evaluate the type of audience you want to target. There’s a fine line between acknowledging your existing audience and attempting to appeal to new demographics. Sometimes it is wiser to spread awareness of your brand within the audience you already have instead of risking it all for an entirely different group of people. However, if you are just beginning, dip your toe and take the time to discover where your niches lie – you might be surprised who your target audience eventually becomes. The important thing is to appreciate what you have while taking small steps to increasing visibility.

Choose Your Platform Wisely

Having your own website is a great way of tailoring your online space to suit your needs perfectly. When it comes to social media, be aware of which people prefer which platform. Trends come and go, making the rise and fall of certain social media sites often unpredictable. Learn to communicate with your audience effectively by taking note of how each social media platform interacts with its users. You’ll soon find yourself surrounded by an audience of people eager to connect with your brand.