3 Things To Consider During A Home Makeover

Deciding to give your home a new lease of life – whether it desperately needs it, or whether you just think it’s something to do – can be an exciting time. While getting caught up in the whirlwind of paint and patterns, it’s easy to overlook some crucial fixes which can make all the difference, along with a few additions to your home that might not have even crossed your mind.

After all, a makeover doesn’t necessarily have to mean just a dash of paint and new accessories. It can also mean functional changes to the structure, too.

Here are a few tips to consider.

1. Security Doors

Why settle for just a door?

Safety and security is a massive part of the happy home, and if you’re planning on remodelling and re-decorating, why not include in this plan a custom-made door that’s built to last, protect and perfect for your doorway? Luckily, expert companies like Crimsafe can help you with that.

There are probably also more stylish options available than you think.

The whole reason you’re giving a makeover is to spruce up the place, and you want your new door to fit in with that. Security doors come in a range of designs, and most of the time you wouldn’t even be able to tell that they’re any different from a standard door.

It’s even possible if you have an awkward doorway that’s an unconventional shape, or maybe you’re planning an extension, and you want the right security door made to measure.

2. Don’t Neglect the Outside Space

It’s easy to direct all your energy towards the inside living space during a home makeover, because that’s the space where you spend the most time, and therefore the area you want to look the best. But outdoor space needs love, too, especially if you have a big garden to contend with.

Transforming the outside zone can give you options you might not have had before, and maybe it can even be used for something you were considering putting inside, like a home office, or craft room. If this can be incorporated into your garden or yard, all the better for fresh air, healthy living, and making the most of your space.

3. Update Furniture Instead of Buying New

If you’ve chosen a bold new colour scheme to experiment with during your makeover, it’s safe to say that previous furniture you bought which was okay at the time, may no longer match with the theme you’re going for.

Instead of throwing out all your old items and opting for new ones, why not try sanding down some items, throwing on a fresh coat of paint or varnish and adding accessories like ornamental handles?

Not only will the furniture now match your makeover, but you will have created a perfectly unique item exclusive to your home, and you may have discovered a new hobby you love while doing it (as well as saving a bunch of dollars by not ordering a new furniture range).

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James Smith

James Smith

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