Australian dating is the world’s most relaxed approach to modern romance

When it comes to dating, it is fair that we all have our own approach. In the land down under, however, most Australians approach dating with the same air of calm and relaxation. Here’s the thing. Traditional dating and romance puts a lot of pressure on forming connections right from the start. This can obviously make it difficult to figure out if a connection is likely to form into anything more concrete. So here in Australia, we lay back, and take the road less travelled: the relaxed path.

Life in Australia is pretty good. We live in a warm country, and we are surrounded by red desert, stunning coastlines, and towering waterfalls around some of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world. With all this natural wonder around us, why would we spend all our time with loved ones – including those we are dating – in the concrete jungles that are the cities? And you know what happens when you leave the city for a date? You inevitably leave behind all the chaos as well.

Conversation flows because there are little (if any) limits

There is no topic of conversation off the table when it comes to dating in Australia. this could not be truer. Australians are casual about most, if not all, topics (for the most part, of course). Whether the topic of conversation is splitting the bill at the end of the date, or narrowing down to one of the best suppliers of vibrators for some after-dinner couple bonding, we will talk about it all. There is no need to skate around certain topics, because when we say we want to know what you think of something, we genuinely mean it.

People take turns coming up with date ideas and paying

Gone are the days where the guy did all the legwork and the girl just went along for the ride. These days, dating in Australia is all about equal contribution to the relationship, in every sense of the phrase. Both parties take turns coming up with ideas for fun dates, and (most of the time) they are both willing to take turns paying for the dates, or splitting the bills. This approach to dating also set couples up well for living together, should their relationship progress to that stage, because they are already used to contributing in equal measure.

The ultimate date is a day on the beach or a night at the drive-in

These days, all we want to do is hang out without the pressure. Traditional dating and romance puts so much pressure on flourishing connections at their most fragile stages, but no more. But here in Australia, we just want to get to know you without having to know too much – to begin with, at least. Whether that means going to the beach or driving to the drive-in movies for a fun take on date night, the point remains the same: the less pressure, the better…on all relative counts.

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