Brisbane Ranks 4th in the world for Foreign Investment Strategy

Brisbane has risen to fourth place in a global list of 53 cities vying for international business while taking 10th position out of 131 cities worldwide for human capital and lifestyle within the Global Cities of the Future report.

The rankings come from fDi Intelligence, an offshoot of the London-based Financial Times who manage the Foreign Direct Investment Strategy category of the the Global Cities of the Future report, which is released every two years.

There are many things to do in Brisbane and Brisbane lifestyle is getting better day by day. Also the tourism is getting better with things like better transport, facilities for tourists, hotel boom etc. All this counts in rankings.

Brisbane was the only Australian city on the list besides Perth, which ranked 10th out of the 53 submitting cities, with the two Australian cities managing to beat Brisbane’s ranking for human capital and lifestyle being Melbourne and Sydney coming in at 1st and 4th place.

“Placing fourth for foreign direct investment strategy demonstrates that Brisbane is successfully showing the world that our city is economically resilient, supports foreign investors across a range of industry sectors, and is backed by a robust and connected business and government environment,” Brisbane Lord Mayor Graham Quirk said.

“To be ranked within the top 10 globally for human capital and lifestyle is testament to the outstanding education, research, business, employment and lifestyle opportunities that continue to attract and retain talented and skilled people in our great city.”

Brisbane was also the winner of two inaugural awards for strategy, driven by the city’s economic development board, Brisbane Marketing.

Brisbane’s 2022 New World City Action Plan was also recognized with the Strategic Vision Award while the city’s successful tourism infrastructure, Asia-Pacific headquarters strategy and hotel investment strategy saw it win the Tourism Development Award while being praised for attracting direct investment.

“The Brisbane 2022 New World City Action Plan has put out city firmly on the path toward greater economic growth and prosperity by focusing on seven key economic priorities and eight promising growth sectors,” Cr Quirk said.

“The latest fDi Intelligence rankings are another indicator that Brisbane is becoming a more globally competitive city which will continue to attract and benefit from foreign direct investment.”

The fDi Intelligence’s 2016-17 Top Ten Global Cities of the Future FDI Strategy

Edinburgh (UK)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Chicago (US
Brisbane (Australia)
Barcelona (Spain)
Manchester (UK)
Glasgow (UK)
Austin (US)
Copenhagen (Denmark)
Perth (Australia)
The fDi Intelligence’s 2016-17 Top Ten Global Cities of the Future Human Capital and Lifestyle

Melbourne (Australia)
Chicago (US)
New York (US)
Sydney (Australia)
Montreal (Canada)
Houston (US)
Zurich (Switzerland)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
London (UK)
Brisbane (Australia)
The fDi Intelligence’s 2016-17 Top Ten Global Cities of the Future

Singapore (Singapore)
London (UK)
Dublin (Ireland)
Shanghai (China)
New York (US)
Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Dubai (UAE)
Paris (France)
San Francisco (US)

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