The Rise of Café Culture in Brisbane

Brisbane and its favourable year round climate set the perfect ambience for our fellow coffee snobs to bask in a bit of sunshine while enjoying a morning brew.  With over 3.5 million people in a 100 square kilometer radius, the coffee industry is booming with demand due to this growth in café culture.

Brisbane CBD and the outer suburbs have become home to some of the most distinguished cafes in Australia. The Brisbane population has been described as the new purveyors of a quality brew, being at the forefront of ‘hipster’ café designs.

Jenny , founder of ChefWears says that Brisbane love affair with café dining has seen the city birth many coffee heroes, including DI Bella, Merlo and Aroma’s, setting the bar high for Queensland’s roasting industry.

Coffee has become a major part of Brisbane’s lifestyle. As Brisbanites have acquired the taste of a quality cup, we have welcomed many newcomers to the café scene, including Clean Skin Coffee, Wolff Coffee Roasters, Dramanti Artisan Roasters, and Melbourne’s Veneziano Coffee.

This acquired taste has also seen our coffee lovers prefer quality over the concern of price, with Brisbane prices charging up to a dollar more than Sydney cafes. According to The Coffee Economist Brisbane coffee prices are the second most expensive at $3.74 for an 8oz cup compared to other Australian cities, falling just behind Perth at $3.89.  With the growth and demand of café culture, the industry has adopted fancy new brewing techniques with top quality ingredients, seeing prices experience a 10.9% increase since 2010.

Brisbane’s suburbia has become the perfect choice for a weekend brunch with the quirky streets of West End been an all-round favourite for many years.

The iconic Gun Shop Café, has challenged the arrival of other café enthusiasts brave enough to compete with the one who set the standard itself, including Veneziano’s, Plenty and Blackstar Coffee.

The suburb of Salisbury has recently given the infamous West End a shove claiming the next place of hipster paradise. Various cafes serving cold press and organic coffee have lured not only Gen Y but mums and businessmen alike.

Sprout Artisan Bakery and Apples on Ainsworth are among the most popular in the suburb with their vintage cutlery, mismatched furniture and creative table numbers.

Bulimba, on the Brisbane River has also exploded with the opening of many quirky cafés where thousands of people spill down Oxford Street to divulge in the latest craze of sour dough toast and smashed avocado.

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Haylee Forbes

Haylee Forbes relocated from rural Queensland to the city to fulfil her sought out career of becoming a lifestyle writer. Her work provides an insight to the experience and understanding of the world through the lens of one who grew up out west. She plans to graduate from University in late 2016 with Bachelor’s degrees in Marketing and Journalism.