Understanding Facebook Algorithm – Facebook Marketing Tips

image credit:pixabay.com

In the previous article, you learnt how you need to consider your audience while posting. In this article you will learn a bit about Facebook Algorithm.

You need to understand the basic concept behind Facebook algorithm. The Facebook post that gets more likes appears above others posts in the news feed of your friends.

Now organic stories that people did not scroll down far enough to see can reappear near the top of News Feed if the stories are still getting lots of likes and comments.

This is something you need to keep in mind ALWAYS and every time you post on Facebook.

So more comments and likes you get on your posts, more visibility your post gets in your friend’s new feed.

Some people have friends who would always like their post. They can be family or friends. It’s like a pact where they will always like your posts and in return you will always like heirs. It sounds silly but it works. It is not a bad idea because this gives you those initial likes that you need to give visibility boost to your post so you can get other genuine likes. Facebook likes it and hence it helps your post go up in the news feed of your friends. More people see your posts, better chances you have of getting likes.

There are few things you need to avoid considering both the human psychology and Facebook Algorithm.  Read them here.