How-To Be a Facebook Pro

Do you want to be popular on Facebook? Here are some tips that you need to follow and the mistakes that you need to avoid.

Firstly, it is important to understand few things before we jump onto the tips. Each individual is different. Each person has got his/her own charm and personality. You don’t have to have a rich profile to be popular on Facebook. Online world is a virtual world where you can be a hero regardless of what you are in real life. You just have to do the right things at the right time.

Posting on Facebook is a tricky business. While posting you think of what you like and what you feel and then you would have this sudden rush to post it on Facebook as soon as you get an amazing thought or some unique experience. You can of course post anything you like on Facebook but it is worth giving a thought before posting that whether you friends will be actually interested in it or not.

Also, you need to understand what sort of audience you have and consider your audience before posting anything. By audience I mean your friends or people who are following you (don’t forget Facebook has a new feature where people can follow your public posts even if they are not in your friends list).

Your audience might be full of teenagers or full of professionals or mix of your uni friends, schools friends and corporate friends. It can be anything. Just make sure you consider them all before posting.

Also it is worth noting what time your audience come online and post at a time when you think most of them would be online.

Also try to avoid spam. If you keep posting too much, some friends might get irritated and see you as a spam. As a result, they might hide your posts or un-follow you. As per Facebook algorithm this will harm the authority of your profile and you will get behind in the news feed of your friends and they may not be able to see your posts at the top. IN easy words, your posts will have less visibility.

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