5 Amazing Vacation Spots in The World

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Spring is almost around the corner and tourists are getting their gear on to make the best out of  their vacations. Though, along list of great vacation spots are available, however, top five best vacation spots in the world have been selected based on various entertainment criteria and things-to-do.


Chicago is a great place to visit especially in summers. Though, winters are a bit harsh due to severe cold temperature, summer is the weather when this beautiful city actually comes to life. There is a plethora of activities happening in Chicago during summers. Let’s start with Chicago downtown.

1. Chicago Downtown

Situated right at the corner of Lake Michigan, Chicago downtown offers a breathtaking sight view. The “Magnificent Mile”, a prominent eight block section of Michigan Avenue in downtown, is known for its night life as well as shopping experience.  This block is completely occupied with luxury hotels, restaurants, commercial buildings and world leading retail stores.

Shedd Aquarium, a large indoor aquarium is packed with indoor water activities including dolphin shows, a large number of aquatic animals and outstanding exhibitions.

2. Taste of Chicago

It’s a huge annual carnival that is organized adjacent to famous Lake Shore Drive in downtown for a week. As the name reveals, the event provides the food from around the world. Since Chicago is known for it’s diversity, all sorts of cuisine can be tasted in this particular event. More than 1.2 million people ensure to taste the quality food offered in this massive event, which often comes to an end with a mesmerizing firework show.

3. Chicago River & Other attractions

Chicago River flows right through the middle of magnificent skyline, and is often packed with cruise ships. Most cruise ships complete their trip at Navy Pier, which offers attractions on shopping, dining and a 50 acre playground for every age.  On St. Patrick’s day, the river is dyed green with a specific green color, followed by St. Patrick’s Day parade in downtown. In various other attractions, Chicago offers Millennium Park, Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), Field Museum and Lincoln Park Zoo. All these attractions are closely located to each other and can be visited through state of the art transportation system accessible in the city.


visit florida

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A sunshine state, that pulls millions of visitors each year through its amazing attractions. From Disney World to beautiful sandy beaches along with crystal clear water, Florida is a place that one should have on bucket list. Orlando, a popular city of Florida in Orange County, offers a complete package of fun-filled family activities. The major point of interest in Orlando, includes Universal Orlando, a theme park resort that provides attractions such as Universal Studio, Universal Islands of Adventure and Wet n Wild Orlando.

SeaWorld Orlando, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney’s Animal Kingdom are many other main attractions in Orlando that would add up to an exciting and a memorable family fun vacations.

Sandy Beaches:

Miami, a beautiful city of Florida, offers the most soothing beaches in the world. It wouldn’t be wrong if Miami could be called as “City of Beaches”, since the city has been blessed with a number of beaches. Most popular ones are Sunny Isles Beach, BalHarbour, Miami Beach and South Beach. For first timers, Miami is a place that would keep them busy 24/7 due to unlimited attractions covering nightlife, fine dining, cruises andshopping.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

visit dubai

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Dubai has been under a substantial construction boom lately. At the shore of Persian Gulf, the city which used to be a desert two decades agohas been massively developed into a metropolitan city. From past records, Dubai entertained around 10 million visitors in 2012. Dubai is packed with all sorts of attractions for all ages of life.

Artificial Islands:

It may appear astounding, but Dubai has built luxurious artificial islands on its beaches. The most popular ones are Palm Jumeirah (shaped as Palm Tree) and The World. Along with these Islands, a monumental building, which is also acknowledged as world only seven star hotel, stands at the shore of Dubai known as Burj Al Arab. The structure of the building resembles a sailing ship and its night view along with Dubai skyline is simply amazing.

Dubai holds the title of constructing the tallest man made structure in the world known as Burj Al Khalifa. The building is known for attraction among many tourists due to its unique design, along with a variety of attractions around it. The Observation Deck is situated at 124th story that provides an outstanding view of Dubai city. Another main attraction is fountain dance show, also known as the Dubai Fountain show located in the heart of Burj Al Khalifa building.

In addition to these attractions, Dubai offers all sorts of entertainment for all ages. The city organizes an annual shopping festival in one of the world’s largest shopping mall, Dubai Mall, most visited places in the world with 65 million annual visitors, loaded with 1200 shops with all sorts of world class brands. Since the climate is hot, Wild Wadi Water Park is another charm of Dubai that attracts visitors of all ages throughout the year.


visit malaysia

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If you love exploring new places, Malaysia is a place to go. This country is occupied with breathtaking sights throughout. Out of major cities in Malaysia,Langkawi is known for its lush green natural parks, white sandy beaches and scenic routes.

1. Langkawi

Langkawi is a group of many islands situated in northwestern Malaysia. Though sightseeing is scattered throughout, the place comes with a complete package of indoor and outdoor entertainment. Langkawi cable car is one of the main attractions specifically known for sightseeing. Telaga Waterfalls offers breathtaking view as the crystal clear water flows through lush green forest.

2. Genting Highland

Genting Highland is an exciting and thrilling place to visit. With temperature not more than 30 degrees, Genting Outdoor Theme Park offers an adrenaline-charged experience with sky-high rides and water park activities. Another indoor theme park is specially built for kids. For rides here, one needs to have an all-day pass. Casino De Genting is another main attraction for many who would like to visit casinos once in a while. Sky Venture is one of its kinds in entertainment thatfills you the adrenaline-rush feeling of freefallsky diving using state of the art simulation.

New York City

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

Image Credit: Pixabay.com

The city that never sleeps and is ready to entertain 24/7, thoughits not an easy job to visit this city in a matter of a day or two. Starting with Time Square, the liveliest place around in USA, is well-known for state of the art movie theaters and cinemas. Many people visit Time Square for its popular traditional appearance and the show that billboards put on. One of the monuments which is an actual representation of New York City, is the Statue of Liberty, that can be visited through a boat.

The giant Museum of Natural History in Central Park displays unique history information starting from dinosaur’sfossils to space shuttles. A 22 acre Rockefeller Center offers a giant Christmas tree during December, along with people skating around it. The city skyline can be viewed from its naturally developed masterpiece, Central Park, which is free for tourists. Another major attraction of the city is Empire State Building, which offers an astonishing view from its observation deck on 86th floor.

There are more than 100 places to visit in New York City, so if you make a plan to go visit this splendid city, please ensure the availability of ample time.