Facebook Posts That Always Do Well – Business Facebook Page Tips

In the previous article , we tried to understand what we should avoid while posting on Facebook. And now we will see the kind of stuff that always works out well, ends up getting more likes and attract wider audience.

Here are some types of posts that pretty much always do well and attract others interest and hence more likes. These kind of posts have high success rates of getting likes and comments.

  1. Posting about your own achievements. When you achieve something feel free to post about it on Facebook.
  2. Post about your personal life. Your friends are more interested in the posts where you are talking something about yourself. New relationship, breakups, starting new job/business, buying a new house or a new gadget etc. they all do well.
  3. Pictures about yourself or from your recent trip do well. People prefer pictures over reading text.
  4. Saying congrats to your friends/family on your own post and tagging them in the same post.
  5. Talking about some public holiday and giving it a personal touch may be be talk about what you are going to do this day. If the public holiday has some emotional element connect to it, its not  a bad idea talking about it. Emotions always attract more people and compel them to comment.
  6. Talking about sports works well too as sports enthusiasts will always jump into the discussions as lot of people are emotionally connected with sports.
  7. Few other things like motivational quote either as text or picture works pretty well. Some beautiful portraits, funny pictures or videos or pictures, talking about weekends, weekend funny pictures etc all may work pretty well depending on your audience.

See the next article to find out how Tagging and Commenting can make you popular.