5 Tips To Clear The IELTS Listening Test

In the IELTS examination, “Listening section” is considered to be the easiest of all the sections. The most significant fact is that listening is the trickiest of all the sections.

Even for people who are familiar with the westernized accent of English require consistent practice. A few golden rules to be remembered to achieve the desired bands in the listening section of IELTS will be discussed.

1. Podcasts are the real boon:

Listening to at least one podcast a day and understanding the same does the trick. The podcasts should be minimum 8 minutes long. This helps to fine-tune the skills for listening of the test audio. Usually the listening audio for each section is approximately 10 minutes long.

2. Familiarity with accents

It is important to be familiar with Britain, Australian and American accents. Radio programs help to get acquainted with the familiarity of these accents. Usually these programs are of conversational nature. The Business English learning conversations of the British Council and the Cambridge are a good place to start the listening practice.

3. Spell Check is the magic key

Spellings always play a major role. Frequently repeated spellings should be identified and practiced well. It is advisable to maintain dictation list handy for quick revisions on a daily basis. Crosscheck the spellings written on the answer sheet even the most confident ones.

4. Repetition of words in the audio

While practicing, look for repeatedly spelt names or numbers in the listening audio. They play a significant role in the answers to the questions. Good emphasis should be laid on these repetitions in the conversation.

5. Transfer answers with high alertness

While copying the answers to the answer sheet, utmost care should be taken. Be careful with the question numbers and the answers with regard to the question paper and the answer sheet and also the spellings associated with them. Make diligent use of the 10 minutes given to transfer answers onto the paper. During practice, it is good to use the mock exam answer sheets and practice the same.

Consistent practice always holds the key for success. This applies to the listening section too. Please feel free to post your comments.

– by Shivi Bhalla (English Wise)

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