3 Secrets To Success For International Students in Australia

One thing that every international student aspires is not just to adjust but to achieve success at land down under. So, as a student what can you do to achieve success here?

Here are three secrets for international students that can help you achieve that success you have been looking for.

1. Punctuality

Punctuality is highly valued in Australia and especially at Australian workplace. Unlike in Asian and sub- continent countries where technical skills and hard work are valued the most, time is of utmost value in a country like Australia.

If in any case you are running late for the interview or work, make sure you let the employer know well before the time. The question here is “When exactly the other person must be informed if you are running late”?

The answer is simple “Straight after you realise that things would not go according to the plan and you would be late”.

The worst thing you can do is to inform someone of the change in your plan just before the scheduled appointment.

It is a common perception that the other person would get angry or upset if you inform them that you are running late, however, in most cases the reality is opposite. People would actually appreciate you for keeping them informed and valuing their time.

Make a note that getting late sometimes becomes a habit. In this scenario, your boss or employer would develop a negative image of yours without you being aware of that. Not being punctual is a very common reason why some people lose their jobs. The sad part is that they never come to realise why they were sacked.

As an entrepreneur and business owner myself, I can tell you that I value people who value time. If I were to choose between two employees for promotion, assuming both have similar skills and knowledge, I would choose someone who is punctual and stay true to his words and commitments.

2. Dressing sense

How you dress and what you wear in your day to day life and at work makes a huge difference in how people perceive you. Though Australia is kind of easy going when it comes to dress code at most workplaces, what you wear leaves a subtle subconscious image of yours on the other person.

I highly encourage you to dress decent and elegant when you are at work. I would encourage you to wear a proper formal suit when you go for an interview. It does not really matter what kind of job interview it is. Also, I can tell you that your confidence would be much higher when you are dressed professionally

Every day is an opportunity!  You may across a stranger one day who is a prospective employer and may offer you a job in his company. Every time you meet someone, you leave an impression, either poor, average or excellent.  How you present, communicate and dress are three important factors which will give you a competitive edge over others in the Australian job market.

3. Verbal and Non- Verbal Communication

Ample amount of research shows that more than 80% of the communication is non-verbal. According to the world leading authority and expert Michael Grinder, non-verbals account for 80 to 90% of what is being communicated.

How you use your hands, head and body language on the whole makes a massive difference to your message and communication you are trying to put across to the other person.

For instance, while standing and talking to someone never put your hands on your waist or in your pocket or join your hands behind you. The best thing to do is to join finger tips of both your hands together in the front at the height of your stomach.

As far as verbal communication is concerned, my biggest recommendation is to have fluent spoken English. This is the first step to being a good communicator.

If you speak well and present yourself nicely, you are already ahead of the competition.

Article is written by Shivi Bhalla from English Wise (Improve your English by enrolling to English Wise, www.Englishwise.com.au)

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Shivi Bhalla is an Entrepreneur and a leading authority for international students in Australia. Shivi’s whole obsession lies in serving and bringing massive positive transformation in the lives of international students. He makes it happen by providing them with right strategies and advanced tools specifically related to communication, networking and decision making skills. He moves people with his own incredible story as a past international student in Australia himself.